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A Delicious Way To Hydrate

CocoHydro Coconut Green Tea - Triathlon Hydration -

During the winter it’s particularly hard to remember to hydrate. Unless I’m sweating like crazy during spin class or doing another tough triathlon workout like this one, I don’t drink enough water. Plus, cold drinks don’t appeal to me when we’re stuck in the freezing cold polar vortex.

Our awesome friend, Becky, from Big Tree Farms told us about this delicious drink that she makes with Coco Hydro and green tea, and best of all… it’s warm! (You can read our CocoHydro SPORT review here).

Here’s how you make it:

Coconut Green Tea with CocoHydro SPORT

You’ll need:

Hot water

1 scoop (or 1/2 packet) of Pineapple CocoHydro SPORT (you can buy it here)

1 Green Tea Bag (I used Coconut Green Tea from Trade Joe’s)

Heat water. Add CocoHydro powder and a tea bag to your mug. Pour hot water into your mug. Stir and enjoy!

CocoHydro Coconut Green Tea - Triathlon Hydration -

How do you stay hydrated in the winter?


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