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Triathlon Nutrition Giveaway – Win Every Flavor of Clif Shot Bloks!

Hey guys! Trainer Davey here with our latest triathlon training gear giveaway! Real quick, congrats to Bee Hare for winning our last giveaway!

Everybody knows that when you’re training for longer periods of time, you’ve got to hydrate and you’ve got to fuel your body. But how and when you do so is crucial for a successful race. Plus, it’s not always easy getting your nutrition while swimming, biking, and running.

In fact, one of our 101 Triathlon Tips is to practice eating and drinking from your water bottle while biking. (To see the other 100 triathlon training tips, click here)

Triathlon Nutrition Giveaway - Win Every Flavor of Clif Shot Bloks via!

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A good general rule for calories while mid-training sesh is 30-60 carbs per hour – so a perfect place to start is half to one pack per hour.

Or as we like to do, one Shot Blok per mile while running.

But practice using your nutrition to find a balance. Once you gas out and bonk, it’s really hard to recover. But you definitely don’t want to eat too much and have stomach problems either!

Another cool thing is that each cube is 33 calories, so that makes it easy to count and track your nutrition.

We love Clif Shots for many reasons – they taste great, they’re so easy to eat… easier then slurping down a  gu or gel, I think.

Shot Bloks are easy to carry too. Just fold and put them in your waist band. And when you have a pack of Shot Bloks, you’ll have something to look forward to… they’re that good!

Plus, Clif Bar is a great company that cares about organic ingredients and our planet. They take a streamlined and convenient approach to sports nutrition with organic ingredients that provide clean and essential energy. All the while Clif Bar as a company stays committed to the environment so that we can continue swimming, biking and running in a happy and healthy world.

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Why is this triathlon nutrition giveaway cool?

Because you get one of each flavor! 

Here’s the scenario: you go to your local shop and look at all the options; there’s tons so you just grab something and go, not sure if you’ll like the flavor or not. If you like it, you’re in luck, if not, you’re stuck with a pack of Shot Blocks you’re not crazy about. But we’re giving you one of each flavor so that you can pick your favorite!

My personal favorite is Tropical Punch, it has caffeine for a little pick me up gogo juice (maybe that’s why I like it?) and they call it a tropical oasis you can eat.

Jess’ favorite is margarita with salt and lime – she actually takes salt and lime with her on the bike – kidding. But it does contain extra sodium for hot-weather training and is great if sweat a lot, like Jess does – not kidding. 🙂

Two important reminders for triathlon nutrition:

  1. Make sure you become familiar with your triathlon training nutrition strategy by experimenting with different products and flavors well before race day,
  2. And don’t try new things or new products on race day.

Enter to win here:

Contest is open to US residents only. Contest ends on Monday, 1/20 at midnight CST. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, 1/21. Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize and email us their shipping info. If the winner does not reply in 48 hours, we will select another winner. The winner will be selected using Rafflecopter’s random selector. Good Luck and Happy Training!!


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  1. Melissa

    Thanks for the giveaway! You guys are awesome!

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson01-17-2014

      Thanks for entering Melissa! YOU’RE awesome!

  2. Jeffrey

    I’d reach for the Black Cherry first.

  3. llh

    This is great timing. I am planning to try them for my longer races this year since just GU isn’t working so well for me!

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson01-17-2014

      They’re awesome! You’re gonna love them! I look forward to longer races because that means I get to eat more of them!

  4. Ryan Lipscomb
    Ryan Lipscomb01-20-2014

    I eat Cliff Bloks literally every day!