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Curl Up With A (Triathlon) Book


4 Awesome Triathlon Reads

It’s that time of year when the excitement of my New Year’s Resolutions have started to fade,  it feels like spring will never come and I’m lacking in the motivation I need to get in my triathlon workouts.

This is also the perfect time of year to curl up on the couch and read a good book. So if you’re lacking the motivation to train for your triathlon, here are 4 books that will inspire you to get off the couch and will make you excited to swim, bike and run.

A Life Without Limits

A Life Without Limits

This is, hands down, my favorite triathlon book. Chrissie Wellington may be the most amazing female Ironman triathlete of all time, and she can swim, bike and run circles around me but this book as far from intimidating.

It’s an easy and entertaining read that inspired me and made me love the sport of triathlon even more. Most world class Ironman triathletes have intense and painful looks on their faces, but Chrissie Wellington is always smiling and I love that.

Chrissie does a great job of sharing her story in a relatable and down-to-earth way and she will inspire you to face life’s challenges with determination and optimism, knowing that you’ll grow stronger as a result.

Here are 2 of my favorite quotes from the book:  “Some [training] sessions are stars and some sessions are stones, but in the end, they are all rocks and we build upon them”, and “When things are tough, you are tougher”


Wake Up and Coach Yourself

Wake Up And Coach Yourself

Remember Doug, our friend, fellow triathlete and life coach? Well, not only is he an Ironman, but he also wrote an AMAZING book! This book is not solely about triathlon, but there are a few chapters where he talks about his triathlon experiences and gives some great motivation tips and strategies that also transfer into everyday life.

Doug is one of the most inspiring, motivating and down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. I think that’s what makes him such a great life coach and author.

Every word in this book encouraged and challenged me to live life to the fullest by interrupting my limiting beliefs and inspiring me to not let fear and doubt get in the way of reaching my goals. I’m 110% positive that this book will do the same for you.

Oh, and by the way, Doug wrote the mental training part of our Sprint Triathlon Training Plan and it’s AWESOME. Check out his website: Awake Coaching.


Triathlon For Every Woman

Triathlon for the Every Woman

I actually listened to this book on my long runs while training for my marathon and it was AWESOME. And by awesome I mean I actually looked forward to my long runs just because I knew I’d get to listen to this book.  And that’s saying something when I look forward to a 20 mile run. (Especially after my marathon meltdown…)

Meredith Atwood, of Swim Bike Mom, is an amazing writer and she will have you laughing and saying, “Oh my gosh, I can totally relate to that” over and over. I also think this book must have magical powers because after listening to it, I felt like anything was possible and it made me believe that I could do anything I put my mind to.

Her story is off the charts inspiring and if this book doesn’t get you off the couch and training for a triathlon, I don’t know what will. 


You Can Go The Distance

You CAN Go The Distance

When I graduated high school (11 years ago!), I swore I would never run another mile in my life. But running a marathon was always on my bucket list and I just ran the NYC marathon this past year.

I am a SLOW runner and after reflecting on those 26.2 miles, I am convinced that if I can do it, ANYONE can run a marathon. Although the actual running was a challenge, and the mental aspect of training was my biggest obstacle and unfortunately, my training plan didn’t touch on it at all and on race day, I lacked, as Bruce puts it, “emotional endurance”. I had quite a few mental breakdowns, tears, doubts that I would finish and discouraging runs along the way and I WISH I had this book when I was training!

This book is as necessary as a good pair of sneakers if you’re training for a marathon, or even a triathlon. Not only is this book packed full of helpful training techniques, awesome advice and the importance of proper fueling, it does a great job at also helping you mentally prepare for the race.


What are some of your favorite inspirational books?


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