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What the Super Bowl Champs Taught Me About Triathlon Training

Even though the Super Bowl was already several weeks ago, a post-game comment from Seattle Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson is still ringing in my ears:

“Why not us?” 

This quote struck me in a new and different way that got my gears turning, still grinding long after the shouting. It’s a question used as a tool for one good reason and that is to create belief.

When Wilson was a kid, his dad asked him, “Why not you, Russell?” According to Wilson, what the question his dad asked him really meant was to “believe in yourself, believe in the talent God has given you…and you can go a long ways.” ( Wilson then used this same question with his team at the beginning of the season and lead his team to a historic victory.

Do you have glimmers of inspiration? Do you ever think, “Yeah, I could do something like that!” and your heart beats faster with a split second of excitement? Then just moments later, reality lands like a bomb in your backyard and you say, “Hah, what was I thinking?” as excuses begin to popcorn and doubt returns to his seat to block your view.

It’s amazing the greatness that belief will carry us to do. In contrast, it’s a shame to imagine the greatness a lack of belief will hold us from achieving. 

Sometimes it can be a losing battle when we try to argue with ourselves about negative beliefs. Somewhere deep inside the recesses of the soul is “that guy” that just won’t budge and can’t be argued with. Since that doesn’t work, maybe we should come from a new and different angle. What I mean is, instead of only making statements, get logical about it and ask questions.

  1. Is this there a rational reason why I could not (insert ambition)?
  2. Could I be wrong about this belief that holds me back?
  3. Would I come to the same conclusion about someone else doing (my dream here)?
  4. Then ask yourself, “Why should I continue believing this idea about myself if it’s not true?”
Stiff arm negative beliefs. What Russell Wilson Taught Me About Triathlon Training |

Time to Stiff-Arm Negative Beliefs
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It’s amazing the greatness that belief will carry us to do. In contrast, it’s a shame to imagine the greatness a lack of belief will hold us from achieving. I bet David said, “Why not me?” when no one else would slay the giant.

For Wilson and the Seahawks, the question, “Why not us?” first became a glimmer of hope that soon ignited a belief that fueled them to the championship. After all, one team will win. But they didn’t stop there. They prepared for it, pursued it, and protected their belief from critics and naysayers.

If you asked yourself the question, “Why not me?”, what is it that either parades or promenades through your mind?

Thousands of others will complete a first triathlon this year. Why not you?

Thousands more will take on a longer race distance than ever before. Why not you?

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  1. Chris Welch
    Chris Welch02-21-2014

    So true, love the part about protecting your belief. Once you set your mind don’t let anyone stop you!

  2. Jonny

    I like how this isn’t just true of triathlons too! Good life principles coming from twotri!

  3. Julie

    “Why not us?” has been floating around my brain since I read this yesterday. It is so easy to let the voice of doubt crowd out the motivation to accomplish great goals. But why not me? If I put in the time and energy, I too can do great things. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  4. Jake M
    Jake M02-24-2014

    Great stuff, gave me motivation to get out and start some runs in the cold!

  5. Stephen Register
    Stephen Register03-05-2014

    I’ve never heard of an elite athlete that didn’t work their tail off to get there, but also BELIEVED that they could get there through hard work. Belief in self, in many ways, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe, really believe that you can achieve your goal, then you likely will.