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Believe In Yourself

Our challenge for you this week is to take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary and replace it with the word “try” (or “tri”!) It’s amazing what a little bit of positive thinking and personal affirmation can do.

You can do anything!

But maybe you don’t want to sign up for a triathlon because you “can’t” swim. Well, we dare you to try.

Perhaps you think that you “can’t” do a triathlon with your old mountain bike. We think you should try. 

What if you keep running 12 minute miles because you have convinced yourself that you “can’t” run fast. What if you tried to run fast?

Believe In Yourself - Change the word "can't" to "try" and see what you're capable of! TwoTri.com

One of my goals for this upcoming triathlon season is to run faster (10 min mile or less). But that’s never going to happen if I keep telling myself that I can’t run fast. It may have taken me almost 6 hours to run my first marathon, but that doesn’t mean I will be a slow runner forever.

The other day, Davey and I did a speed workout on the treadmill. Instead of getting rangry (getting angry while running = rangry) like I usually do, I decided to have a positive attitude and just try the workout without jumping off onto the sides of the treadmill and saying “I can’t do this”.

Guess what? This 3 mile speed workout that we did on the treadmill was probably my favorite workout that we’ve done all year. I pushed myself and tried my best and proved that I CAN run fast!

So instead of deciding that you can’t do a triathlon, we think you should believe in yourself. You’ll never know until you try!

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