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Why Black Mountain Resistance Bands Rock

As a personal trainer, I’ve come to use resistance bands quite a bit with my programs, and I really like incorporating them into triathlon strength training routines.

Why Black Mountain Resistance Bands Rock | TwoTri.com

They’re great for many reasons, because they are versatile, fun to get creative with, light weight and easy to travel with. Plus, they are inexpensive compared to other fitness equipment. Especially, when you consider the fact that you can do almost ANY exercise you could do with a specific machine at the the gym.

I like to try new products, and in the past, it was hard to find good quality bands that would last. It seemed as if at every boot camp session there would be a “SNAP!” as someone stretched a band to its literal breaking point and I’d either be fixing or replacing it…again.

So I went to Amazon to check out the best reviews and stumbled upon these from Black Mountain Products. I’ve worked out with them a few times already and I’m completely sold. The rubber material is good quality, the handles are comfortable, and the connections are sturdy. What I really like it that you can stack the bands to create a lot of resistance for those powerful strength movements like a row, pull down, or chest press.


For 30 bucks you get five bands of different strengths, handles, a door anchor and an ankle strap – That’s like getting each resistance band for about $5 bucks each, which is a killer deal.

Plus, the ankle cuff is super valuable for triathlon training moves to strength some of those hard-to-target problem areas common for many triathletes. For example, hip rotators. And of course, there’s a doorway anchor so you can do a workout virtually anywhere!

Hip Rotator Exercise with Resistance Band

If you’re looking for a good set of bands that will you take your triathlon strength training to next level, click here to pick up these from BMP now!

If you’re a triathlete, pick up these resistance bands and do these strength training routines:

Triathlon Strength Training Workouts with Resistance Bands | TwoTri.com

Full Body Blast Workout

Dry Land Swim Workout

Awesome Arm Routine


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