Daylight Savings Doesn’t Last All Year

When I was younger, I thought that Daylight Savings lasted all year. When we turned the clocks back in the fall and got an extra hour of sleep, I thought that we got an extra hour of sleep every night until we had to spring ahead… then we got one less hour in the day.

It was a total “duh” moment when I grew up and realized that a day was 24 hours long, no matter whether we sprung ahead or fell back. Regardless of daylight savings, we all have the same amount of time.

Don't just dream it. Do it. |

I’m constantly amazed when other triathletes like SwimBikeMom and IronRogue consistently get in killer workouts while juggling full-time jobs, kids and a million other things. There are no kids over here at Team TwoTri yet, however we always seem to struggle to “find time” to get our workouts in.

So what’s the secret? It’s quite simple actually.


In other words… Just Do It.

Don’t overanalyze it or waste time wondering how you’re going to find time to workout. Just Do It. Wake up earlier, stay up later, fit your workout in during your lunch break, keep your gym bag in the car, buy a new pair of sneakers, try a new class at the gym, sign up for a triathlon… do whatever it takes. The possibilities are endless.

This is definitely not glamorous advice and our “secret” may be a let down to you, but as Ghandi said, “Action expresses priorities”, so how are you going to take action today? Dreaming is good, but doing is better. “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The good news is that although we may not get an extra hour in the day today, Daylight Savings means more sun and warmer weather (finally!), and those things make taking action just a bit easier

Don’t just dream it. Do it!

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  1. Best Triathlon Gear
    Best Triathlon Gear03-10-2014

    Well said. you spend more time looking for excuses to avoid doing anything. Happened to me on Saturday – thought about heading out on the bike for an hour… found an excuse not to do it. Sunday morning woke up and went out before the ‘brain’ had time to figure out what happened. Boom 50k later and its done. Just do it.

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson03-10-2014

      SO true. Way to go on the 50k! I always feel so much better after my workout and I just need to remind myself of that and take your advice… do it before your brain has time to make an excuse!

  2. John

    Hey you guys are making me feel bad… I guess I’d better get off this couch and do something about it! Besides–ive gotta watch air quality here in China–today’s pretty good, so wouldn’t want to waste it! Oh, and finally signed up for my 12 week program–woo whoo! I’m really doing it!