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Wanna Do A Triathlon, But Scared To Death Of The Swim?

Don’t let your fear of the swim stop you from doing a triathlon!

Out of all of the people who want to do a triathlon, 90% will never do one because they’re afraid of the swim.

Wanna do a triathlon but scared to death of the swim? Check out these 6 tips |

Davey and I will be the first to say, yes, the swim can be scary! We’ve both stopped in the middle of the race to tread water, swam in the wrong direction, started out too fast, swallowed a ton of water and had to hold onto the canoe to rest and catch our breath during the race, but the swim becomes less and less scary the more we practice.

We’ve been in your shoes and so we want to share with you what has helped us conquer our fear and, become better swimmers.  That’s why we created an awesome 12 Week Sprint Video Training Program that you can get for FREE at the bottom of this post. ↓

But first, here are 6 ways that will help you conquer your fear, dive in and achieve your dream of doing a triathlon… even if you can’t swim:

1. The swim is less than 10% of the race.  It’s also the first event, so you can get it over with ASAP. And when it’s over, you’ll feel like this:

Wanna do a triathlon but scared to death of the swim? Check out these 6 tips |

2. To do a Sprint triathlon, you really only have to be able to swim for 8-12 minutes.

3. It is perfectly legal to stop and tread water or to hold on to one of the lifeboats during the swim.

4. Remember that you have a few months to train. Often, beginner triathletes get discouraged because they can’t swim the entire distance during their first swim workout. Swimming is no different than running or biking. You have to gradually build up to your goal distance.

5. If you’re overwhelmed by the swim, start slow and grab a kick board. Hold onto the kick board and practice going back and forth in the pool until you feel comfortable with that. Then, try to swim from one side of the pool the other other with your head out of the water. When you’ve got that down, set small goals for yourself like swimming 2 laps without stopping or swimming one lap practicing bilateral breathing. Keep setting small goals for yourself and before you know it, you’ll be able to swim for 8-12 minutes without stopping and you’ll be more confident about race day.

Wanna do a triathlon but scared to death of the swim? Check out these 6 tips |

6. Still not convinced? Grab 2 friends and do the triathlon as a team. This is called a Relay. One person swims, another bikes and you run. You’ll get a feel for what race day is like and maybe the swim won’t seem as scary and you’ll be inspired to train for the entire triathlon, swim and all.

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