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Will You Be Available To Sweat Tomorrow?

Last Sunday, Davey and I were deciding whether we wanted enjoy the warm weather and go for a run or go grill the skirt steak we had been marinating all day and make some tacos.

Tacos > Workout. Duh.

Will you be available to sweat tomorrow? |

But I digress. The tacos weren’t the main reason our workout didn’t happen. This time, we didn’t go for a run because I didn’t feel like sweating and, to be perfectly honest, tacos sounded SO MUCH BETTER.

Then Davey asked me this mind-blowing question: “Will you be available to sweat tomorrow?”

I think this question mind-blowing for two reasons:

The first reason is because of how pathetic my excuse was. “I don’t feel like sweating.” LAME x 1000. What sounded like a perfectly legitimate reason not to workout was just a terrible excuse.

Second, his question implied that I had a choice.

So often, I try to stay afloat in my sea of excuses instead of just sucking it up, and making the choice to get my hair wet and going for a swim.

Other times I hate training because it feels like something that I have to do–something that’s very inconvenient.

Davey’s question helped  me change my perspective and realize that I get to workout and the only thing more inconvenient than working out and sweating is maybe dying of a heart attack because I never exercise, or showing up at my triathlon totally unprepared and out of shape.

So, even on the days when I don’t feel like swimming, biking or running, I’m going to choose to sweat because I signed up for a Half-Ironman this year and I want to train hard and prepare well so that I don’t end up in the medical tent. My goals and dreams are too important to let tacos or lame excuses stop me.

“Will you be available to sweat today?”

I hope your answer is yes.

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  1. John

    Man I hear you! I had one of those days I didn’t want to get out of bed…. then–surprise! I didn’t want to run after work. But the only thing lamer than that is wishing I had for the rest of the day and that evening. To be honest, I’d rather do it and feel better about myself than sit around feeling lame! Thanks for the post–always encouraged to lick my lameness and reap the rewards of sticking to my training plan, which is so awesome, btw!