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    Zero To Hero Swim Boot Camp

    Hey guys! Today we’re super excited to introduce our Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp! For the next 9 days, we’re gonna give you tons of great triathlon swimming tips and strategies that will help you show up on race day with confidence and rock your sprint …

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    Can’t We All Be Friends?

    Ok. I’ve had something on my mind for a while. Well, probably since 2006 when I did my first triathlon. The thing that has been on my mind is this: Why can’t we [triathletes] all be friends? Back in 2006, there was no such thing …

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    4 Tips To Help You to Choose a Bike For Your First Triathlon

    I was sitting at Starbucks working on a post, and on my third cup of coffee when my friend had called me saying, “I need bike and I have no idea where to start.” Yes! Since I love this kind of stuff, I jumped up and drove …

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    3 Ways To De-Fog Your Goggles

    Every single time I swim, my goggles fog up. I might as well call them foggles instead of goggles. It is so annoying and I used to stop and de-fog them every lap. My swimming endurance didn’t improve when I stopped every lap, so I just …

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    4 More Things To Practice On Your Bike Before Your First Triathlon

    The other day, Lianna from Live, Laugh, Run, Tri wrote an awesome comment on this post. Her comment was so awesome that we decided to make a post out of it because we want everyone to see her super helpful triathlon bike tips. I’m still a …

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  • The Adventures Of TwoTriJess And The Sport Count Lap Counter

    The Adventures of TwoTriJess and Sport Count – A Review + Giveaway!

     Do you want to be a swimming superhero too? Enter to win your own Sport Count Lap Counter, or buy one here! a Rafflecopter giveaway *Disclaimer- Sport Count very generously provided me with 2 lap counters, one for review and one for the giveaway. All …

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    My Current Triathlon Mantra

    How I motivate myself to keep going even when it’s uncomfortable. Out of all my goals for this triathlon season, there are two that seem harder than the rest. Run faster – (5k in under 30 min and 10k in under 60), and Complete my …

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    If You Fall On Your Face…At Least You Were Headed In The Right Direction

    It doesn’t take long in the world of triathlon training to hear funny stories about people making serious goofs during racing and training. But hey, mistakes happen… Like the guy who got butt-naked in the transition area to change out of his wet clothes. Or the …

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    Inspiration For When You’re Having An Off Week

    source There are some weeks when inspiration and motivation to train for my triathlons comes easy. Every day is sunny and warm, I push myself in my workouts, I look forward to eating my kale salad, and I am excited to go to the gym. …

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    Three Creative Ways To Fit In Your Triathlon Strength Training Workouts

    Strength training is double edged sword. On one hand, it can make a huge difference in your triathlon training but it’s also one of those things that is really easy to “forget about” or not have enough time to do– especially since you’re busy swimming, …

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    Refuel Right – 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts

    My friends joke that since I’m a trainer I never eat bad food, always workout, and always say no to dessert… as if I was some kind of health robot. Well, I’m human, and candy is sweet. Fries taste good. And now that I live …

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    How To Use Pool Toys For Triathlon Training

    What are pool toys and how to use them to improve your triathlon swim Have you ever noticed these weird objects at your pool and wondered what they are and how to use them? Well, today we’re going to explain how these pool toys can …

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    Prevent Triathlon Training Injuries This Spring

    While you’re prepping up for this season, make sure you stay healthy with some of these tips to prevent injury as you start ramping up your training. I’m chomping at the bit to get on my bike again. Outside. Not on the trainer. After such …

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