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4 More Things To Practice On Your Bike Before Your First Triathlon

The other day, Lianna from Live, Laugh, Run, Tri wrote an awesome comment on this post. Her comment was so awesome that we decided to make a post out of it because we want everyone to see her super helpful triathlon bike tips.

Lianna from Live, Laugh, Run, Tri

I’m still a newbie cyclist/triathlete, but the bike is the one discipline that I know I really want to work on. Here are a couple of things that have helped me in the last month of my training:

1. Resistance on flats

While riding flats, I find my “sweet gear. This is a gear that I stay put on (and maybe might shift up/down one, depending but always within range) but isn’t too easy or too hard. I can feel my legs pumping, and I manage to keep my pace consistent. The last ride I did, I was able to clock 12 mph on flats versus my normal 10 mph! (That is very much an improvement for me!)

2. Standing up (particularly when going uphill)

I’ve learned that standing up and pedaling gives me power. This is easier when you’re on the clips because you can actually feel the push and pull of the pedals while going up hill. (Hello, Thunder Thighs! lol!) I also practice this while on my indoor trainer; I put my bike on a harder gear and stand up to pedal. Outside, however, I will admit, sometimes I am still scared to stand while going uphill, and continue to sit on my bike while pulling the granny gear.

3. Standing up (in general)

Sometimes, my body just feels weird being in the same position on the bike. Standing up gives me a chance to quickly stretch my legs and body out before I get back into biking position. Which kind of brings me to my last tip…

4. Get fitted for your bike

I guess it’s not much of a tip, but hey, your body will thank you for it. Honestly, if you’re out there riding and you’re in pain, you’re probably not going to enjoy that bike ride. There are people out there that actually get down to the nitty gritty of bike fitting, such as knee and foot alignment, but you can also just head over to the place of your bike purchase.

The standing up is something that I am still heavily working on. My next race features a hilly 24-mile course, and I know I’m going to need every ounce power left in me to get through it! :P

Anyway, I hope someone benefits from my triathlon bike tips. I know there is so much out there to learn, still!

Thanks for those awesome tips, Lianna!

Let’s hear from YOU! What biking tips do you have?


  1. Johnny

    Yeah it took me a while to be able to comfortably stand on my bike when riding up hill…for some reason it did not feel as natural to me, but now it’s a must for steep hills haha.