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Inspiration For When You’re Having An Off Week

ironman presses on


There are some weeks when inspiration and motivation to train for my triathlons comes easy. Every day is sunny and warm, I push myself in my workouts, I look forward to eating my kale salad, and I am excited to go to the gym. The perfect songs come up on Pandora, I feel energetic all day and I sleep like a baby at night.

This, however, was not one of those weeks. We had planned to bike with our triathlon club on Saturday morning but it was 45° and windy and we decided that it was too cold to bike outside so we made pancakes instead. My bike seat felt particularly small and uncomfortable this week, the pool had WAY too much chlorine in it and I was sore. Every. Single. Day.

Despite the ups and downs of this week, I found a lot of great stuff around the web that inspired me to press on, stay focused and not give up. And I hope that these pictures, posts and videos will inspire you too.

This gives new meaning to “riding” a bike. Also, I want one.

Such a cool perspective.

Give this performance-enhancing drug a try. (It’s legal!)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, and NEVER give up!

These words really inspired me this week.

I was challenged to be more intentional with my time after reading this.

I crave salty food after my workouts, so instead of reaching for a bag of chips, I’m gonna try this.

This awesome gadget helps me not loose my mind. Also, we’re giving one away next week!

I used my clipless pedals for the first time last week and tip #6 really helped me.

Mr. Smooth is pretty awesome.

This is on my wish list. The yellow one of course!

Stressing over stress is what makes stress so stressful. A great post on why resting is just as important as working out.

Happy Training! (And even on those days when it’s not so happy, dig deep, press on and look for inspiration– you may be surprised where you find it!)


  1. lindsay

    thanks for including me friend! hope you get some rest this weekend and enjoy it all! xxoo cheers to a better week.

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson04-11-2014

      Thanks Lindsay! You’re an inspiration! And yes, cheers to a better week!