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My Current Triathlon Mantra

How I motivate myself to keep going even when it’s uncomfortable.

Out of all my goals for this triathlon season, there are two that seem harder than the rest.

  1. Run faster – (5k in under 30 min and 10k in under 60), and
  2. Complete my first Half-Ironman in under 7:10 (Augusta 70.3).

I guess the reason they seem harder than my other goals is because in order to run faster, I need to run faster and that’s uncomfortable. And in order to complete a Half-Ironman, I have to swim, bike and run a total of 70.3 miles and that’s uncomfortable.

Over the past few weeks, Davey and I have been doing a lot of speed work. We’ve done pick ups, sprints, hill repeats, and lots of squats and lunges, It’s uncomfortable and, most of the time, I want to stop running and say “I can’t do this”.

But I keep running even though my heart is pounding. Even though I’m out of breath and even though my legs are burning, I keep running because I know this:

My Current Triathlon Mantra |

The harder I work now, the more stronger I’ll be on race day.

Five months ago, I finished my first marathon. My goal was to finish, and I accomplished that and it was awesome. However, looking back, I realize that I didn’t push myself during my training. Yes I did my workouts and ran every mile that my training plan told me to, but I let my mind get the better of me and when things got uncomfortable, I eased up, or walked, or threw a fit, or just gave up for that day.

I learned a lot from that race and I know that if I want to reach my goals, I need to work hard, train smart and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Every workout, every sore muscle, every bead of sweat that drips down my face is just adding to my “race bank account”. I’m investing in my goals this year and not only do I want to finish my Half-Ironman in under 7:10 and run a faster 5k this year, but I want to feel strong and energetic doing so.

My Current Triathlon Mantra |

 What are your triathlon mantras?