Three Creative Ways To Fit In Your Triathlon Strength Training Workouts

Strength training is double edged sword. On one hand, it can make a huge difference in your triathlon training but it’s also one of those things that is really easy to “forget about” or not have enough time to do– especially since you’re busy swimming, biking and running.

Three Creative Ways To Fit In Your Triathlon Strength Training Workouts | TwoTri.com


But strength training is SO important and it will not only make you stronger, faster and improve your endurance, but it will help prevent injury and also make you look great in spandex! Here are 3 ways to sneak strength training into your regular swim, bike and run workouts:

1. Do a pseudo brick workout

After you warm up for 5 minutes, grab some weights or resistance bands and work your arms. Your strength training routine is going to take the place of the swim.

Do your arm routine twice and then hop on a stationary bike and ride for 20-30 minutes.  Not only are you getting your strength training in, but you’re getting used to what it feels like to bike when your arms are tired.

Sample routine:

Three Creative Ways To Fit In Your Triathlon Strength Training Workouts - Pseudo Brick Workout | TwoTri.com

You could also do a bike/run brick where you do a leg routine with exercises like squats and lunges to mimic the bike and then head out for a run. Your legs will be tired from the strength training routine, so this is a great workout to do to get your body used to running after biking.

2. Mix in some strength training moves throughout your workout

This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. We especially like mixing in strength moves during a run like we did in this workout. The key is to focus on doing each exercise with proper form, especially if you find yourself getting tired.

You could also do a 10 minute strength training routine during a bike ride. Our spin instructor has us get off our spin bikes towards the end of our ride and do squats, lunges, plank hold and push ups. We think this is a great way to strengthen your muscles and mentally prepare to finish the ride strong even though our legs are burning and shaking.

3. Strength and stretch

Strength and flexibility are both super important when it comes to injury prevention. This is a great little routine to do on a recovery day or while you’re watching TV at night. Simply do a strength move and then stretch.

Three Creative Ways To Fit In Your Triathlon Strength Training Workouts- Strength and Stretch | TwoTri.com

  • 10 pushups – stretch your shoulders
  • 10 tricep kick backs –  stretch your triceps
  • 10 squats – stretch your glutes
  • 10 lunges on each side – stretch your hip felxors
  • 10 hip bridges – stretch your hamstrings
  • 30 second-1 minute plank hold – stretch your abs

Strength training doesn’t have to be a bore or one more thing to add to your dreaded to-do list. It doesn’t have to be a structured one hour workout either.

Get creative and come up with ways to incorporate some strength training exercises into your triathlon training workouts and you’ll not only feel stronger and have improved endurance, but you’ll prevent injury and have a happier, healthier season!

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