triathlon helmets on backwards

If You Fall On Your Face…At Least You Were Headed In The Right Direction

triathlon wetsuit on backwards

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It doesn’t take long in the world of triathlon training to hear funny stories about people making serious goofs during racing and training.

But hey, mistakes happen…

Like the guy who got butt-naked in the transition area to change out of his wet clothes.

Or the guy that threw up on the aid station table, filling cups of gatorade to overflowing.

Or the guy that asked the race officials if it’s ok to get the electronic timing chips wet.

Or the lady that dropped her candy in the chute and caused two other riders to crash while picking it up (sorry, if that was you that crashed, it’s not funny).

Or those newbies that dawn their wetsuits on backwards…and complete the swim like that.

triathlon helmets on backwards

And worse, those that put their helmets on backwards.

You know what I say? At least these folks are out there overcoming any triathlon fears and having fun!

The other thing I’ve learned is… Being embarrassed is not a big deal!

Of course, it’s never all that great in the moment when you realize just what shade of red your face has turned to. Soon enough, you’ll get over it and have a good story to pass along that will encourage other beginners.

So when it seems like it all gets too serious, remember: Keep it fun, laugh, play, and enjoy it!

Also, go sign up for our 101 Beginner Triathlon Training Tips and you’ll be sure to show up on race day with confidence– and with your wetsuit on the right way!

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My point here is simple: anything and everything could be a fun learning experience.

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