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    Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts

    When training for a triathlon, you obviously have to do plenty of swimming, biking and running. But there are a few other creative ways to get in a great triathlon training workout. Here are 5 of our favorite workouts: Let’s start with the swim: Here’s …

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    How Triathlon Training Can Help You In Life

    At the beginning of this month, Davey and I went on a 4 day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. What was supposed to be a 20-mile hike turned into 40+ miles. We had read our itinerary wrong and started hiking on the wrong trail. This …

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    How You See It, Comparing, And Choosing To Be Happy

    How You See Things Last week, I stumbled upon an interesting study that was simple, yet profound. The study stated that people were generally much happier if they used a certain phrase instead of another.  The first was, “I’m glad I’m not…” (fill in the …

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    Cold Weather Triathlon Tips

    How To Stay Warm During Your Triathlon When It’s FREEZING Out Call me a baby, but I would say that 51 degrees counts as cold weather. Add some rain and wind and you’ve got yourself a pretty cold day for a triathlon. Especially since you’re wet …

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    Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

    As we drove home after this race, Davey hit the nail on the head when he said, “Boy, that was sure a race to remember!” From the race not even being in Memphis to wandering around the hotel casino looking for something to eat for our pre-race …

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    The Heart of TwoTri

    We never thought we could do a triathlon. Davey was apprehensive about the swim and I am a slow runner and didn’t even have a bike. But one day, we decided to take ourselves on and we bravely registered for a triathlon. After crossing the finish line, we have …

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  • Bike Essentials Giveaway

    Race Day Biking Essentials + A Giveaway!

    Saturday is our first race of the season! We’re doing the Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon. To celebrate, we’re giving away an awesome Bento bike bag full of our favorite race day essentials. This Bento Box is one of the most handy things to have for …

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    Three Sprint Triathlon Swim Workouts

    Swimming back and forth, back and forth, back and forth can make your head spin after awhile! Another thing about swimming that makes my head spin is the way most workouts are written. For example : 1 x 200 alternate 25 swim / 25 kick …

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    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Race Day Swim Tips

    Let’s review. So far in the Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp, we’ve talked about: Where To Start Pool Etiquette Developing Your Kick How to Breathe Easier Starting Slow How to Overcome Common Challenges How to Swim in Open Water  Today, we have 10 race …

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  • How to mentally prepare for an open water swim |

    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Open Water Swim Tips

    Take everything we’ve taught you so far in the Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp and throw it out the window. Not really, but when you swim in open water for the first time, you might feel like you’re starting from scratch again. Now repeat …

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  • Life is like swimming in open water |

    Zero To Hero Swim Boot Camp – Common Challenges

    If you feel like you’re not making any progress in your swim training, you’re not alone! Today we’re gonna touch upon some common swim challenges and give you some simple triathlon swim tips to help you overcome them. We’re also gonna give you a sneak …

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    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Start Slow

    Beginner Swimmers: Start Super Slow With Your Sprint Triathlon Swim Training Our mission here is to avoid any hint of intimidation and to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed when you are beginning your sprint triathlon swim training. In our last 2 sessions, we talked about working …

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  • Swim Action

    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Breathing Tips

    As a beginner triathlete swimmer, I’ve had more than my share of water up my nose. So much so, now they start refilling the pool as soon as I show up for a workout. But the worst part is when all that water comes pouring …

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