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Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts

When training for a triathlon, you obviously have to do plenty of swimming, biking and running. But there are a few other creative ways to get in a great triathlon training workout. Here are 5 of our favorite workouts:

Let’s start with the swim:

Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts - 3 Sprint Triathlon Swim Workouts - TwoTri.com

Here’s not one, but three Sprint Triathlon Swim Workouts. Each of these workouts will help you gain confidence in the water as well as improve your form, increase your endurance and make swimming laps a lot more interesting. (Do you loose count of your laps? Me too. Check out this AWESOME lap counter and you’ll never have to count laps again!)

Now let’s transition to a Swim/Run Brick:

Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts -Swim Run Brick Workout - TwoTri.com

When you think of a brick workout, you probably think of a bike/run brick. Here’s another great brick workout that will help you get a feel for what it’s like to run after swimming. This Swim/Run Brick Workout will allow your body to adjust from the last sport to the next so that on race day, you feel strong, confident and prepared. 

Moving onto the bike:

Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts -Conquer The Hill Bike Workout - TwoTri.com

If you’re like most triathletes, then chances are, you schedule your long bike rides on the weekends. However, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and it rains, leaving you stuck inside on a stationary bike or your bike trainer. If that happens, try this Conquer The Hill Bike Workout and you’ll get a great ride in no matter what the weather is like!

 And now let’s run:

Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts - Exercises To Improve Your Running Posture - TwoTri.com

Although there is no running involved in this workout, it’s a great routine to help improve your running posture. Having good running posture will improve your form and help you feel stronger when you run. Standing up straight also makes it easier to breathe, so try these 4 Exercises To Improve Your Running Posture and you’ll cross that finish line with your head held high!

And last but not least, we can’t forget my favorite triathlon training workout: strength training!

Our Top 5 Triathlon Training Workouts - 16 Awesome Triathlon Exercises - TwoTri.com

Up for a challenge? Try these 16 Awesome Exercises for Triathletes and although you may be sore today, you’ll be strong tomorrow! This triathlete exercise routine will follow along with exercises that assist in swimming, build power and balance for biking, and increase endurance with in your running while also helping to prevent injury.  You’ll also tone up your entire body so that you will look awesome in your spandex!

Check out more awesome and fun triathlon training workouts here.

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