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Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Start Slow

Beginner Swimmers: Start Super Slow With Your Sprint Triathlon Swim Training

Start Super Slow With Your Sprint Triathlon Swim Training | TwoTri.comOur mission here is to avoid any hint of intimidation and to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed when you are beginning your sprint triathlon swim training.

In our last 2 sessions, we talked about working on your kick and we gave you some helpful breathing tips. It may not seem like you’re making any progress yet, but that’s why they call it “taking baby steps”

If you start slow, work hard and don’t give up, you will notice improvements, we promise!

It’s really no different than when training for a marathon, you don’t start out by running 26.2 miles all at once. And honestly, it’s the same thing whether you are a beginner swimmer or if you are just getting started again at the beginning of the season – you gotta start somewhere! 

The most important point to realize with beginner triathlon swimming is this: Start slow, knowing that it will come, not all at once, but gradually.

Start Super Slow With Your Sprint Triathlon Swim Training |

Here are 4 beginner swimmer workouts that will help improve your endurance and boost your confidence:

Swim Workout #1: Swim one length, stop, stand up and catch your breath. Repeat, resting every length. 

(If you can already do more than one length, that’s great. The point is that it’s totally fine – and recommended – to stop and rest any time you feel out of breath.)

Swim Workout #2: Swim one lap (to the other side and back), stop, stand up, catch your breath. Repeat.

Start Super Slow With Your Sprint Triathlon Swim Training |

Swim Workout #3: Swim multiple laps at a time before resting. Focus on not starting off too fast so that it’s sustainable. Keep track of how far you go 1.) at a time, and 2.) total distance. i.e. I went three laps at a time before resting for a total of six times or 900 yards. That’d be an awesome sprint triathlon swim workout for a beginner! 

(If you get tuckered out, you can always get in a few more pool lengths with the trusty ol’ kick board)

Swim Workout #4: Continue building the overall distance as well as the length of each set. You get the idea. 

Our two main goals here are to gradually build up your endurance while you work on honing in a consistent pace (meaning, starting off at a pace you can sustain for the duration of your workout goal). 

Something that is very important to remember is that swim endurance won’t come instantly or even in just a few workouts. But there will be a point when you seem to cross an invisible bridge, where all of a sudden like, you’ll be able to swim lap after lap without stopping. 

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