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Zero To Hero Swim Boot Camp – Common Challenges

If you feel like you’re not making any progress in your swim training, you’re not alone! Today we’re gonna touch upon some common swim challenges and give you some simple triathlon swim tips to help you overcome them.

We’re also gonna give you a sneak peak at our 12 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Program where we talk about this very thing:

Challenge #1: You feel like you’re sinking

  • Look down. This will help keep your body in a streamline position. If you’re looking ahead, then your head will be too high out of the water and your lower body will sink.
  • Kick from your hip and not your knees
  • Practice quick flutter kicks

Challenge #2: You’re getting a ton of water up your nose and in your mouth

  • Take your breath when your mouth is completely out of the water.
  • Hum when your head is under the water. This will ensure that you don’t inhale any water.

Zero To Hero Swim Boot Camp - Common Challenges |

Challenge #3: You can’t seem to swim in a straight line

  • You may be crossing your arms over each other when you swim. Try swimming with a “wide stance” and imagine that there is a line running down the center of your body and when your hand enters the water, don’t let it cross over line.

Challenge #4: You’re always out of breath

  • Try breathing every stroke instead of bilateral breathing.
  • Every time you swim, swim a few lengths underwater and see how far you can go holding your breath. This increases your lung capacity and may make breathing easier.
  • Check out this post on how to breath easier when swimming.
  • Make sure you’re not holding your breath.

Zero To Hero Swim Boot Camp - Common Challenges |

Challenge #5: You feel dizzy and nauseated during or after your swim

  • Don’t eat right before your swim workout.
  • Take your cap and goggles off as soon as you’re done swimming.
  • Wear earplugs. Getting water in your ears may be what’s making you dizzy.
  • Drink plenty of water or an electrolyte replacement drink, like Coco Hydro, after your swim. Just because you didn’t sweat, doesn’t mean you don’t have to rehydrate.
  • Concentrate on your breathing. Hyperventilation is a common cause of dizziness.
  • RELAX and don’t panic! Stress and anxiety can reduce blood flow to your brain and that results in dizziness. 

Are you facing any other sprint triathlon swim challenges?

How have you overcome them?

What are some of your swimming tips?