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Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT

I don’t drink enough water. I’m always ravenously thirsty during my triathlon workouts, but once they’re done, I’ll take a few sips and I’m done… and dehydrated.

I am not very good at drinking water while biking. I’ve dropped too many bottles trying to put them back into the cage and I’m a pro at accidentally catapulting them across the road with my knee. But that’s no excuse to not hydrate, so I’m practicing drinking water while biking.

This summer heat is no joke. The fact that I’m a heavy sweater is also no joke. Unlike the popular quote, I don’t sparkle… I sweat, drip, and look like I just got caught in a rainstorm. So, I’m assuming that means I need to be drinking more water to replenish all of the sweat I’m loosing.

In my quest to drink more water and hydrate, I’ve tried to come up with creative ways to up my fluid intake. And the obvious answer: POPSICLES!

Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT |

These are so easy to make and they really hit the spot after a long workout on a hot summer day. Also, I may or may not dream of eating one throughout my whole workout.

If you’ve read this post, you know we LOVE coconut water, particularly CocoHydro SPORT which comes in four mouth-watering flavors: lemon-lime, pomegranate-raspberry, pineapple and original. (Get 20% off your order with the code: TwoTriJess20)

To make these popsicles, I use this popsicle mold that I got at Marshalls for 6 bucks.

Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT |

Strawberry Lemon/Limeade Popsicle

Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT |

Mix up a packet of Lemon-Lime CocoHydro Sport and add fresh strawberries and a bit of lemon and lime zest for a refreshing post-workout treat.

Tropical Paradise Popsicle

Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT |

If you can’t be at the beach, these are the perfect treat to transport you to the tropics. Add mango chunks and kiwi to pineapple CocoHydro Sport and imagine you are lounging under a palm tree.

Berry Popsicle

Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT |

The immune-boosting-antioxidant-rich nutrients in berries will help you recovery from your workout. Also, summer is berry season and they taste so good. These bright colored berries look awesome frozen in original CocoHydro Sport. (They’d also be a great treat for 4th of July… red, white and blue!)

Coconut Water Popsicles With CocoHydro SPORT |

Triathlon rehydration never tasted so good!

Enjoy your popsicles and don’t forget this awesome deal:cocohydrocode


*Disclaimer: Big Tree Farms provided the CocoHydro Sport, I provided the opinions and popsicle recipes. 

  1. Ed Hartz
    Ed Hartz06-26-2014

    Try fresh unprocessed coconut water as the beverage. This has more nutrients than any processed brand on the market today.

    Coconut Ed