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The Five Minute Triathlon Toning Workout

Today we have my awesome sister-in-law, and personal trainer extraordinaire, here to give you guys a killer (and quick!) triathlon strength training workout.The Five Minute Triathlon Toning Workout |

Having recently had a baby (Isn’t she cute!!! We love our niece!), Mandy knows how hard it can be to make your workout a priority and that’s why she loves to create short strength training workouts that you can do during nap time or after a triathlon workout.

Check out her awesome blog, Smart Moms and Dumbbells, for tons of practical tips and effective workouts to get you toned for the summer!

Everyone has 5 minutes… and if Laityn can plank, so can you!

The Five Minute Triathlon Toning Workout |

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Summer is the time for lazy beach days, delicious BBQs, & hilarious road trips. What triathlete could possibly have time for a strength training workout on top of their regular workouts during the busy summer months?!

The SMART one.

All it takes is a moment of motivation – a twinkle in the eye, a twitch in the muscle fiber – & a killer 5-minute song to help maintain your fitness level & toned triathlete status.  Let me show you how with this awesome 5-minute muscle massacre for triathletes that can be done on the
beach, at the BBQ & even at the rest stop on the summer road trip!

Hit play on your current favorite tune or set a timer for 5 minutes & complete as many rounds as possible of:

5 Deep Squats 

Drop it like a squat…

 Deep squats on Make A Gif

5 Reverse Lunge to Heel Tap (each leg)

Bend and snap!

Reverse Lunges on Make A Gif

5 Burpees (just enough to annoy you)

Mandy, look how many burpees I can do in a row!

Burpees on Make A Gif

5 Plank Knee Tuck to Kickback (each leg)

Crunch and kick!

Plank Kick Backs on Make A Gif

5 Walking Plank/Sphynx Plank

Waaaalk [or plank] like an Egyptian…

Moving Plank on Make A Gif

YOU are a smart & awesome triathlete – do summer right, tone up, prevent injury and feel stronger for your next race!

Thanks Mandy! Now, let’s hear what song you’re going to listen to when you do this quick workout!