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How To Practice Your Triathlon Transitions

Question: How do you practice your transitions when you don’t have anywhere to swim?

Answer: Spin around 5 times and then run through a puddle.


When it comes to getting ready for your triathlon, you gotta work with what you have. Since we don’t have access to swim in the Cumberland River until race day, we decided to take our friends to a local park and practice T1 and T2.

After we gave them each a copy of our handy race day checklist, we set up our transition areas and practiced. Here’s what it looked like:

A few tips:

  • Practice your transitions! No matter how many races I do, I am always SO SO SO glad that I took the time to practice. Our friends felt the same way. This is their first race and they kept saying, “I’m so glad we’re doing this!” and “this is so helpful”. If you want to eliminate a few race day jitters and boost your confidence, rehearse T1 and T2!
  • This tip is for you Chris: Don’t forget to take off your helmet.
  • Bend the velcro straps on your bike shoes in the opposite direction so that they stay open are easier for you to slip you feet into.
  • Make sure your bike is in a small gear so it’s easy for you to start pedaling.
  • Bring an extra towel or a water bottle to wipe/rinse off your feet after the run from the swim to your transition spot. Having a rock in your sock is the most annoying thing ever.
  • Multi-task while you run out of transition. You’ll shave off some valuable time if you put your race number and hat on while heading out on the run. Just make sure your number is on before you leave T2.
  • Have fun and practice with your buddies for a little friendly competition.

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How To Practice Your Triathlon Transitions |

What is your best transition tip?