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Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks – Plus Giveaway!

Last week, I read a couple articles about the importance of supplemental nutrition for triathletes. The reason being is that triathletes subject their bodies to long bouts of intense physical activity. But that doesn’t mean only Ironmen should take a vitamin and mineral supplements. These vitamin powerhouses are essential for beginner triathletes too!

Personal health is something that many of us know about, but when it comes down to it, we get busy and while we’re on the go, it can easily fall by the

In my experience, if you ask around you’ll find that a good majority of triathletes will say that they pour their heart into their training. Then, when you ask them about their nutrition, they say something like, “oh, I could definitely eat better.”

Easy, done-for-you endurance nutrition solution

So what exactly are EnduroPacks? 

EnduroPacks are a monthly supply consisting of four components.

First, you get the liquid vitamin and mineral matrix. Take a tablespoon a day with a meal and before your workout. I take it with breakfast, and believe it or not, tastes pretty good. Done.

The best part is that they throw in a bunch of other good stuff like grape seed extract, kelp, aloe, lutein, and lycopene–probably to help men with long sessions on the bike, ha!

Triathletes need powerful nutrition for enduring performance and unabridged recovery. And EnduroPacks is an easy way to help your body get what it requires for this. 

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And yes, Jess wrote my name on the bottle so that I wouldn’t steal hers.

Next, you have a concentrated electrolyte spray. Spray, you ask? Yes, you simply spray five squirts into your favorite water bottle to use during your sweat sessions. No added sugars, just a light citrus flavor that’s actually very delicious. (this is without a doubt Jess’ favorite part of EnduroPacks. “Where’s that spray,” she’s always asking before we head out.)

Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks - Plus Giveaway! |

“I’m on the patch.”  But it’s loaded with essential amino acids, and I don’t think it’s addicting. No, what they’ve done is taken some pretty sweet medical technology and put the building blocks of recovery into it. “The patch” gives you a steady release of amino acids for up to eight hours after a workout. Stick it and forget it. 

Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks - Plus Giveaway! |

That makes the glutamine capsule seem kind of boring. But wait, glutamine is crucial for immune function and maintaining muscle mass. So unless you want to get sick and wither away into a 90-pound weakling, take your glutamine pill. Mine is on the bathroom sink, so I remember to take right before bed. 

Ever since using EnduroPacks, I’ve felt lots of energy. This week, we had some tough workouts on tap. During an hour of intervals at the track and a 2 1/2 hour bike/run brick, I felt like I never hit the wall and that I wake up energized and ready for my next triathlon workout.Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks - Plus Giveaway! |

On the other hand, last week, I was struggling through a workout and I had to remind myself that just because I don’t always see an obvious result from using EnduroPacks, doesn’t mean they’re not working and helping to provide my body with what it needs to recover.

Jess has noticed that she feels less sore after her workouts and that she doesn’t have her usual post-workout dehydration headaches. Like I said before, her favorite part of the pack is the electrolyte spray and after using EnduroPacks, she feels like she has plenty of energy after her workouts instead of dragging through the rest of the day feeling spent and exhausted.

Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks - Plus Giveaway! | TwoTri.comAnd just like that, you can eliminate all the guesswork, and save money too by picking up your pack of essential endurance sports nutrition, that is EnduroPacks.

Get more info at right now. And why not give it a try, because they also give a generous money-back guarantee. And because they’re so awesome, they’re giving you guys a discount! Save 15% with the code: TwoTri15

Triathlon Supplement Review: the (pretty stinkin’ awesome) Enduropacks - Plus Giveaway!

When it comes to supplements, you’ll always get opinions from either end of the spectrum. However, I believe that Monique Ryan sums it up nicely when she says in her book Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes that, “supplements are crucially important for endurance athletes because training and the stress it imposes on bodies, you may need higher amounts of vitamins and minerals than sedentary people.”

So let’s give it away! 

We’re giving a one month supply of EnduroPacks!

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Summer time means sweat. And I’m talking torrential downpours of it! Especially here in the South, when we run, we sweat. When you’re sweating for hours on end, you’re sweating out  some hard earned nutrition!

You have to put back into your body what you’ve used up and sweated out and EnduroPacks makes triathlon nutrition easy to use…before, during, and after your workout.

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Disclaimer: EnduroPacks provided a one month supply for me, Jess and for our giveaway winner. All opinions are our own. Also, this post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and buy this fabulous product, we get a small commission. Thanks for making it possible for us to keep the awesomeness of TwoTri going!