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Andy Potts’ Awesome Swim Advice

When I first started doing triathlons, I didn’t know who any of the big names in the sport were. But after watching the Ironman World Championships in Kona every year, reading A Life Without Limits and subscribing to Triathlete magazine, I’ve learned who’s who in the sport of triathlon.

As I read about them and watched them swim, bike and run on TV, I was always inspired and in awe of how insanely fast they are. I mean, Greg Bennett, the guy who won the Chicago Olympic triathlon, finished in the time it takes me to do a Sprint triathlon.

So fast.

And speaking of fast, we got to meet the fastest swimmer and one of the coolest triathletes ever, Andy Potts. I already liked Andy Potts because of his love for muffins, but after I met him, I liked him even more. He is the nicest, kindest guy ever. He sat at the table, signing autographs and had a legit conversation with everyone in line… as if they were the only ones there.

Andy Potts' Awesome Swim Advice For Beginner Triathletes |

Andy Potts' Awesome Swim Advice For Beginner Triathletes |

Since Andy Potts is such a great swimmer and is always the first guy out of the water, I asked him what advice he’d give to a beginner triathlete who is afraid of the swim. Here’s what he said:

So there you have it. Andy Potts, professional triathlete just gave us all some awesome advice. So let’s keep a positive attitude, have confidence in our swim and ROCK our triathlons!