Simple (But Killer!) Pool Session Swim Workout

poolSimple (But Killer!) Pool Session Swim Workout  | TwoTri.comNot to toot my own horn, but this is honestly one of my best swim workouts. Not a favorite, but probably the best. It’s such an awesome swim workout because:

  • It increases your overall swim speed
  • Develops strength and power
  • Hones in on kick technique (I see many a bad kick!)
  • Nails down a rhythm with your breathing
  • Helps fast recovery from sprints
  • Helps reduce swimming effort and makes swimming easier (I’m not even kidding!)

And it all really is quite simple, too! Here’s the gist of the workout.

What you’ll do for this swim session is sprint down one length and recover on the way back. During both parts of the lap, you’ll focus on a couple different techniques. This is a great swim workout to not only build conditioning, but to also practice some foundational skills that will help to advance your swimming.

The other great thing about this workout is the fact that you’ll be drilling in a few different techniques that are accentuated by alternating the sprint and recovery intervals of the workout. 

On the swim sprint part…

Ok, maybe “sprint” is the wrong word. When I say sprint, I mean swimming as fast as you can while maintaining good form. No flailing about here. 

For the sprint part, you’ll be focused on two basics: a strong and steady kick, and a powerful pulls. 

Practice a strong, fast kick. But also remember to keep it compact, especially during body roll – you don’t want to be scissoring your legs too wide and causing excessive drag. 

Tell yourself, “kick, kick, kick, pull hard! Kick, kick, kick, pull hard!” 

swim stroke

The pull part of the stroke occurs when your hand enters the water and you pull your arm down towards your body. Focus on using your lats (upper/mid back towards the sides) to get a more powerful and effective pull.

On the recovery swim length…

On the way back from the sprint, you’ll now concentrate on 1) regaining your breathing rhythm and 2) a smooth glide and long reach.  

Rinse and repeat.

Simple (But Killer!) Pool Session Swim Workout  |

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Pool Sesh Swim Workout Recap: 

Once again, here’s everything you need to do for this killer swim workout:


Sprint down one length of the pool. 

While sprinting, focusing on a hard pull and a strong and steady kick.

Nail that flip turn!

Slow it way down on the way back, now focusing on a long reach and glide.

Take a turn and sprint again!  

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  1. Brittney

    Water workouts are both fun and effective. Thanks for these great workout tips!