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50% Nervous, 50% Excited

It’s Wednesday. In 2 days, we’re going to pack up our car and drive to Augusta, GA ,and in 4 days, we’re going to be jumping into that river and racing in our first Half-Ironman. AHHHHHHH!!!!

via Ironman Augusta 70.3
I am 50% nervous and 50% excited. In my nervous moments, I wonder if I trained hard enough or if I’m going to accomplish my goal of finishing in under 7:00. I wonder if we should have bought wetsuits and I worry about how to navigate the water stations during the bike.
I feel self-conscious that I don’t have a fancy tri bike or a cool tri suit and that it will be 100% obvious that I’m a total 70.3 newbie. I question my fueling strategy and wish I was a faster runner. There are a million other concerns and worries floating around my head and it’s starting to really sink in… we’re actually doing this… in 4 days!50% Nervous, 50% Excited for my first Half-Ironman |
I joined the Augusta 70.3 Facebook group and throughout my training I have been encouraged by everyone’s positivity and support. Every time someone posts a question, I smile because I usually have the same question! Then I read the comments and I get excited for the race.
During my excited moments, I feel like I’m going to ROCK this race. Whatever happens and whatever my time is, I know it will be a great day because I’m going to go out there and give it my best. I feel so lucky to train with Davey and go on this triathlon journey with him. I can’t wait to swim in the river and see if the current will give me a swim PR. I’m looking forward to the positive energy and palpable excitement I’ll feel when we arrive in Augusta. I love this sport so much.
We are in the thick of our taper and since we’re not training as much as I’m used to, my mind has a whole lot of “free-time” on its hands. This morning I realized that my percentage is more 60% nervous and 40% excited and that just isn’t gonna work.
So in an effort to tip the scale the other way, I went in search of some inspiration and I came across this gem. It isn’t about triathlon, but the message is universal. I am officially 60% excited and 40% nervous now. Thanks Apollos!

“If you start slow, that’s OK… it takes guts and attitude… you can accomplish anything you set your mind to…”


Someone posted a video on the August 70.3 Facebook page and it’s tipped by scale even more (70% excited, 30% nervous). At mile 44 of the bike, we’re going to pass by a church this is what they say over the loudspeaker, “Amazing Grace Baptist church welcomes Ironman Augusta. You are at mile 44. The Bible says, “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!” ”

So, my goal from now until race day is to keep a positive attitude, work on my mental toughness, carbo load like a champ (easy) and trust my training.

How do you deal with race day nervousness? What do you do to inspire yourself and stay positive?



  1. Jake M
    Jake M09-24-2014

    Go get em guys!! So excited for you!