8 Terrific Triathlon Taper Tools

We’re less than 2 weeks away from our first half-ironman, Augusta 70.3, and although we haven’t started to officially taper yet, here are a few things that are getting us through our last few triathlon workouts and that will help us show up on race day, healthy, injury free and ready to rock 70.3 miles!

8 Triathlon Taper Tools | TwoTri.com

1. Koss Fitclips Headphones – These are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. I barely even notice they’re in my ears and when I’m doing a long run, they don’t hurt my ears like other clip headphones do. The sound is crisp and they come in 4 awesome colors.

2. Thanks to #1, I can listen to my new favorite podcast, Zen and The Art Of Triathlon during my runs and bike trainer rides. This weekly podcast is hosted by Coach Brett who is an amazing triathlete and extremely entertaining podcaster (is that even a thing?!). Each episode is over 3 hours long and they are full of useful tips, helpful info and they make the time fly by.

3. Accelerade is Davey’s favorite drink lately. First of all, it tastes like an orange creamsicle. Second, he likes it because it seems like it has more substance because of the 4:1 carb to protein ratio. It’s just enough to fuel him during long workouts, without being a heavy, filling, gut-bomb shake.

4. Ice baths for the win. Since I work 12+ hour shifts at the hospital and I’m on my feet the entire time, I sometimes don’t have the luxury to rest my legs in between my workouts. Ice baths are super uncomfortable and sucky when you’re sitting in them, but my legs always thank me afterwards and I notice that I am not as sore the next day.

5. Another thing that helps my legs recover is our (I say our because I always “borrow” Davey’s) Pro Compression Sleeves. I wear them to work and they help my legs feel energetic and less sluggish. Check out my review here.

6. It seems like our long bike rides and bike/run bricks are always scheduled on rainy days. Murphy’s Law is in full effect and at this point in our training, it’s not worth the risk of slipping on the wet pavement, crashing and getting injured. But thanks to our bike trainer, we’re always able to make our ride happen regardless of the weather. We also love hopping on the trainer and spinning for 20-30 minutes for some active recovery.

7. I have a love-hate relationship with our foam roller. I always dread rolling, but feel a million times better afterwards. Davey, on the other hand, enjoys rolling and has even taken it to the next level with this crazy thing. We keep our foam roller out in plain view and we try to stop and roll for a minute or two multiple times throughout the day.

8. I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve used our multi-tool over the past few weeks. To try to make 56 miles on the bike as comfortable as possible, we’ve been making minor adjustments as we train. I found that my hands kept going numb after 20 miles and so we adjusted the angle of my handlebars and viola! no more numbness! We’ve nailed down our seat height, the tension of our clipless pedals and practiced changing a flat tire. We don’t want to try anything new on race day, so we’ve been experimenting over the past month so that we’re comfortable and ready to rock on race day.

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