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A Rad Triathlon Podcast, New Huma Gels and more…

Remember when we didn’t have iPhones and took pictures with actual cameras? Well, I found a stack of printed out (gasp!) pictures from my first triathlon and this is one of my favorites:

photo (66)

I was so nervous and had no idea what I was doing. My borrowed wetsuit was too big, I had never swam in open water and didn’t know anyone. I still feel that way before every race, but it’s really fun to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve improved. I’m sure you can relate when you see pictures of your first race too.

I’ll probably look (and feel) just as nervous in 2 weeks right before my first half-ironman, but until then, I have a few more key workouts to get through. Here are a few things that are keeping me motivated:

We just finished listening to this book. It was a little bit long winded, but the last few chapters were really good and it was very inspiring.

This song. Because sometimes I feel don’t feel like I fit in in the triathlon world. I think we should make a triathlete version of this video! Picture me walking around transition area getting poked by people’s aero helmets and having trouble putting my swim cap on and trying to do the running bike mount where my shoes are already clipped in or stoping to pose for my race pictures while the serious triathletes run by… so many ideas!

A Rad Triathlon Podcast, New Huma Gels and more... | TwoTri.comTo stick with the listening theme, I’m hooked on this podcast. Seriously awesome for long runs and bike trainer rides. Except the other night when we went for a run and Davey was way ahead of me and it got dark and I had to listen to a different episode because they were talking about running and biking safety and how to defend yourself from an attacker and it freaked me out. But lots of awesome and interesting triathlon info… make the time fly!

Exciting news! I thought Huma Gel couldn’t get any more awesome, but they did! They came out with 4 new flavors, all with caffeine: Mocha, Chocolate, Lemonade and Raspberry. I got to try them out and let me just say, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these gels once they come out this fall!

This is hysterical. I would probably be the sponge triathlete. Nothing is better than a ice cold towel or a water soaked sponge when you’re racing… the more the better!

There was a rad conversation happening on Twitter the other day. Jesse Thomas asked this: Writing December column & need help: If you could get ANYTHING for holidays (can be real, fake, impossible) what would it be? There were lots of interesting answers. What do YOU want for the holidays?

So, we’re T-minus 14 days till Augusta 70.3 and I just saw this. Yikes. Hope they get it cleaned up before the race!

A Rad Triathlon Podcast, New Huma Gels and more... |

Here are some great tips to help you move on from a not so great race. Also, do what Taylor Swift says and just “shake it off”!