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Triathlon Race Belt Giveaway!

Ok, I’ll admit that many triathlon gear and gadgets are not totally necessary – some are just fun, but some are definitely worth the investment. If for no other reason then you’ll feel more like a seasoned race veteran than a newbie with a race belt.

Let’s accessorize!

Triathlon Race Belt Giveaway! | TwoTri.comA race belt is not just another piece of flashy garb to add to your triathlon wardrobe. Here’s why it’s great for beginners:

A race belt is a super simple upgrade that will make you feel like seasoned triathlete and it will ensure that you don’t ruin your lucky race shirt.

For example, during my first triathlon, I didn’t even know race belts existed much less why I’d need one. I thought pre-pinning my bib onto my shirt would do the trick.

As soon as I came into T1 and grabbed my shirt to put it on – pop, pop, pop! All the pins snapped off as my shirt stretched overhead. I wasted a lot of time in T1 trying to find the pins and secure my number back to my shirt, and the safety pins also made 4 little holes in my shirt, not cool. 

How it works

It’s a simple, two-step process: attach your bib number to the belt before the race and then the belt to your body in T2.  First, these little spring-loaded toggley thingy fit any race number size. Similar to lock laces, you’ll thread the stretchy elastic through the bib and the plastic piece holds it on. Not only that, most races belts have loops to hold fuel gels. 

Triathlon Race Belt Giveaway! |

Grab and go!

During the race is when a belt really pays off. You’ll come in off the bike, change shoes, ditch your helmet, grab your number belt, and put it on while you’re heading out the gate.

No holes in your shirt, no poking your fingers with safety pins, no wasting time trying to put your number on straight… a race belt will make your triathlon life so much easier. We love our race belts and are positive you’ll love it too!

Triathlon Race Belt Giveaway! |

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  1. Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer
    Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer09-19-2014

    Thanks for having the giveaway. Pretty cool tool to hold your bib!