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Kona, A Cool Triathlon Podcast, Your Worst Triathlon Nightmare and MORE!

Who watched Ironman Kona on Saturday?

I am not a sports fan at allllll– I could care less about March Madness or the Superbowl. I choose my NCAA basketball brackets based on the team’s colors, and I just realized that the Nashville Predators were a hockey team, not a football team.

But when the Ironman is on, I just can’t get enough! I love watching all of the pre-race interviews, hearing who everyone’s top 10 picks are, and reading every single tweet with the #IMKona hashtag.

Since I spent all weekend watching pre-race interviews, the live coverage on Ironman.com and as many post-race videos as I could find, I have complied a list  of lots of cool triathlon related stuff that will surely satisfy your triathlon sweet tooth.

Talk about Aero! Ironman Kona champion, Sebastian Kienle takes aero to a new level!



50 awesome tips from the incredible Chrissie Wellington.

Reason #879,678 to love Andy Potts. Don’t po-po your best– LOVE it! ↓↓↓

Super fun and interesting Kona stats. That’s a lot of coffee!

Here is an awesome off-season workout:  Pre-Holiday Toning Routine.

And speaking of off-season, here are some great off-season tips.

Here she is: Harriet Anderson, 78 years young! Incredible! I hope I’m still racing at her age!


How to make competition constructive and fun.

Been listening to this totally rad, non-intimidating, beginner friendly triathlon podcast.

Ever worry that your alarm won’t go off and that you’ll sleep through your race? That is my worst triathlon nightmare! Well, it happened to this guy.

This looks like a super fun race!

What races do you have on your radar for 2015?



  *Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We think Huma Gel is so awesome that we’d use our own money to buy the winner their prize.