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Feeling Off In The Off-Season

Augusta 70.3 was the biggest, longest, most involved race that we’ve ever done.

Feeling Off In The Off-Season | TwoTri.com

We spend countless hours swimming, biking and running; and even more hours driving to the pool, to the lake, to our favorite bike route and  to the running trails– all of which are between 10 minutes to an hour drive away.

We’ve spent lots and lots of energy trying to stay mentally tough and remain energetic, positive and optimistic during our training.

We’ve also spent quite a few dolla bills on last-minute emergency bike repairs, Huma gels, and pickles. (I can never have enough pickles during training!)

Although we lean towards the Type B side of the triathlete spectrum and we booked our hotel a week before the race, we did spend quite a bit of time planning and organizing and figuring out the logistics for a destination race.

Augusta 70.3 was amazing. It was the perfect first half-ironman for us. We crushed our goals, had a ton of fun and grew to love the sport of triathlon even more.

However, ever since September 29th, the day after our race, we have been “off”. I’m not sure if it’s because we were so consumed by our training that we got slightly burnt out, or if our bodies and minds just desperately needed some time to rest and relax, but we are definitely in off-season mode.

Our goggles haven’t left our gym bags, our cycling shoes are sitting neatly on the shelf and our bike tires are most likely in desperate need of air. We have gone running a handful of times because it’s fall and the weather is cool and beautiful, but we’ve felt tired and sluggish and off during those runs.

Although we may have been neglecting our fitness, we have not neglected our fueling. We just returned home from our 5 year anniversary trip to Italy where we carbo loaded like champions. We did a ton of walking, but that’s about it. We barley wrote any blog posts, as you may have noticed, and we even forgot to renew our USAT membership.

Feeling Off In The Off-Season | TwoTri.com

And you know what? I’m ok with that.

At first, I felt really guilty, like I should want to continue to swim, bike and run to maintain my hard-earned fitness, or like I should probably be doing some strength training and scheduling our races for 2015. I felt bad that we didn’t have an killer off-season training plan or that we neglected you guys and TwoTri for a few weeks. (But Davey did wear his super comfy, totally awesome TwoTri t-shirt!)

Feeling Off In The Off-Season | TwoTri.com

For the past month, I’ve eaten more pizza and pasta than I care to admit. I’ve had croissants and Nutella for breakfast almost every day, and I have no idea what races we’re going to do next year. And I’m ok with that.

Feeling Off In The Off-Season | TwoTri.com

Maybe they call it the “off-season” for a reason. Maybe it’s ok to feel “off” for awhile and to take a break from structured workouts and meticulous planning. Maybe it’s ok that when I finally went running again, I struggled and had to walk and felt like I was starting from scratch. Maybe we all need to cut ourselves some slack, give ourselves a break and extend ourselves some grace.

Doing a triathlon is awesome. Both Davey and I LOVE training and racing. But taking time off and resting is also awesome.

I think we’re almost ready to hit the gym again and prepare for the 2015 triathlon season. We’re dreaming up some great stuff for TwoTri and we’re setting some new goals for ourselves. However, we’re also really enjoying the rest, re-focusing on what’s really important, and learning to be ok with the fact that we don’t have it all together and that we can still call ourselves triathletes even if we take a month (or more) off.