2014 Triathlon Highlights

Can you believe that 2015 is only 2 days away?!

2014 has been a great year and we’re really excited about the 2015 triathlon season! We are so thankful for all of you and would love to hear some of your answers to these questions below in the comments!

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2014 Triathlon Highlights | TwoTri.com

Best Triathlon Moment of 2014

Davey: Finishing my first half-ironman, Augusta 70.3 and then cheering Jess on as she crossed the finish line. Also, finished 3rd in my age group in the Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon.

Jess: Meeting Andy Potts and crossing the finish line in Augusta 14 minutes faster than my goal time.

2014 Triathlon Highlights | TwoTri.com

Favorite 2014 Race

Davey: The Music City Triathlon because we did it with 3 of our friends in our hometown. It was a blast!

Jess: Augusta 70.3. The whole race experience was a blast and I loved this distance race and had so much fun interacting with the other triathletes and fans out on the course.

The Chicago Triathlon was a close second– it was so much fun to conquer a super challenging swim and bike throughout the city without any cars! I also did this race in honor of my Grandpa who was at my first triathlon and who passed away a few days later… it was a very special race.

2014 Triathlon Highlights | TwoTri.com

Biggest Challenge This Year

Davey: Finding time to fit in our long training bike rides.

Jess: Trying not to stay discouraged and frustrated when I had a bad training day. Also, not comparing myself with others, and focusing on swimming, biking and running my own race.

Go-To Race Breakfast

Davey: Oatmeal with a sprinkle of chia seeds and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Jess: Sprouted grain toast with peanut butter and sliced banana… and COFFEE!

Favorite Sport of The Triathlontri fav

Davey: The run.

Jess: The swim.

What Did You Listen To While Training

Davey: Audiobooks. I especially liked this one.

Jess: Podcasts, this one was a fav. I also listened to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and Coldplay’s Sky Full Of Stars… on repeat. Looking forward to listening to season 2 of the the Serial podcast this year!

Favorite Nutrition

Davey: Accelerade, it tastes great and has a little bit of protein which keeps me satiated longer during my training sessions.

Jess: Huma Gel, Lemon-Lime CocoHydro Sport, Picky Bars and pickles. I always crave pickles after training and during races– a salty pickle hits the spot!

2014 Triathlon Highlights | TwoTri.com

Favorite Piece Of Triathlon Gear

Davey: My Garmin 910X.

Jess: My Sport Count Lap Counter and Zoot Tri Shorts— I love the pockets!

What Is Your Favorite Post-Race Celebration Meal

Davey: A big juicy burger.

Jess: I’d have to agree with Davey…  a burger and fries!

What You Improved On

Davey: I worked really hard on my swim and I was able to do a few long swims before our 70.3 where I felt strong and like I could keep going. This is huge since I used to not even be able to swim one lap in a pool.

Jess: I really took my mental toughness up a notch this year. I knew that it would be a challenging season, especially training for Augusta 70.3 and I came up with mantras and encouraging things to tell myself. I also focused on my own race and stopped comparing myself to other triathletes. AND I mastered using clipless pedals!

2014 Triathlon Highlights | TwoTri.com

What You Want To Focus On For the 2015 Triathlon Season

Davey: I want to work on my bike speed and power so I don’t get passed!

Jess: I want to run and bike faster and continue to improve my mental toughness.

What Advice You Would Give A Beginner Triathlete

Davey: Find a group, or a friend to train with. Not only is it more fun, but you’ll push yourself harder and have someone to keep you accountable and to encourage you along the way. It’s also nice to have a buddy on race day.

Jess: Don’t get frustrated if you’re not immediately good at swimming, biking and running when you start training. Lots of beginner triathletes get really discouraged when they first hop in the pool and can barley swim one lap, or when they are exhausted after biking a few miles.

Just like anything, it takes time to build up your endurance, so have patience, give yourself some grace and take it one day at a time. Eventually, it will click and you won’t feel like a beginner anymore!

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We’d love to hear some of your 2014 highlights and any goals that you have for 2015 below in the comments!


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