Triathlon Bike Gift Ideas

Triathlon Bike Gift Ideas

Triathlon bike gift ideas |

1. Bike Doormat – Welcome friends into your home with this cheery bike doormat. It’s a great conversation piece and it will remind you of your love for cycling every time you walk in your door.

2. Bike Pizza Cutter – Don’t just carbo load… carbo load with the help of this awesome bike pizza cutter!

3. Rear Bottle Mount – If you’re planning on challenging yourself with a longer distance race this year, a 70.3 or a full Ironman, then this rear bike bottle mount will come in handy and keep you hydrated on your long rides.

4. Bento Box – Keep gels, spare inner tubes, chapstick and other necessary items within reach with this handy bento box.

5. Thermal Toe Covers – If you’re not going to let a little cold weather stop you from cycling outside, then make sure your toes stay toasty warm with these toe covers.

6. Bike Chain Docking Station – When you’re training for a triathlon, you will most likely have some early morning wake-up calls. This bike chain docking station will get you pumped up for your ride the moment you open your eyes. (For iPhone 5 and iPhone 6)

7. Blackburn Bike Trainer – Davey and I are fair weather bikers and during the cold winter months, you can find us at spin class or putting in the miles on our bike trainer. We have this trainer and we love it.

8. Profile Design Aero Bars – Want a simple upgrade that will take your road bike to the next level? These clip on aero bars are the perfect way to get aero without having to buy a tri bike. Davey uses these and loves them.

9. Bike Pint Glasses – Re-hydrate in style with these awesome bike pint glasses. They’re super durable– we’ve had them for 2 years and they haven’t broken!

10. Reclaimed Bike Tube Holes Clutch – Let’s be honest here. Sometimes bike jewelry and apparel can be a little bit tacky. But not this clutch! Glam it up and hit the town in style with this purse.

11. Co2 Tire Inflator – Nothing sucks more than getting a flat tire and not having a tire inflator. This handy contraption mounts to your bike frame and will give you the sense of security you need if you were to get a puncture. Click here to see how to use it.

12. Bike-O-Vision Italy – Take a trip to Italy without having to pay for a plane ticket! This is an awesome way to beat your bike trainer boredom.

13. Plaid Bike Jersey – Stylish and practical, this plaid bike jersey is the perfect way to spread some Christmas cheer this winter.

14. Bike – Any beginner triathlete would be thrilled to find a shiny new bike under the tree. Davey and I both have this exact model and we love it. After nine years and thousands of miles, these bikes are still in amazing shape and ready for the 2015 triathlon season.

15. Retül Bike Fit – If a new bike is a bit out of your budget, why not get fitted on your current bike. A retül bike fit can make your rides much more comfortable and even help you ride faster and with more power.

16. Insulated Water Bottle – Cold water is may be last thing on your mind right now, but once summer arrives, you’ll be glad you have this insulated bike bottle to keep your water and sports drinks ice cold and refreshing.

17. CompuTrainer Bike Session – We love our trainer and our local spin class, but we have discovered an even more realistic and effective indoor bike training session: a cycling class using a compuTrainer. A compuTrainer is a interactive programmable indoor bike trainer that measures your data while you ride (cadence, wattage, heart rate). You can program a specific course into the trainer to have a hilly workout or work on your speed on a flat, fast course.

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