Christmas Giveaway

Triathlon Christmas Giveaway!

We’ve had some awesome giveaways this year. From Energy Bits to these resistance bands, from Huma Gel to this super rad lap counter, we’ve had so much fun giving away gear that we love and that makes training for a triathlon much more enjoyable.

That’s why we’re going out with a bang this month to help celebrate an awesome year of doing triathlons. For our final giveaway of 2014, we’re giving away all of this:

christmas giveaway

Huma Gel

This is our favorite energy gel. It’s made from chia seeds and fruit, it tastes amazing and doesn’t upset your stomach. There are tons of awesome flavors including strawberry, apples & cinnamon, mango, blueberry, chocolate, mocha, lemonade and Raspberry. You’ll win strawberry & apples and cinnamon, but if you want to try all the other flavors, you can buy them here.

Coco Hydro Sport

Coconut water is one of the best natural ways to replenish your electrolytes. Buying a bottle of sugary sport drink after every triathlon workout can get expensive. But the gang at Big Tree Farms has solved that problem with Coco Hydro. Just add water and viola! delicious, natural coconut water.  In each container, you’ll get 30 servings of coconut water. They make hydration delicious! Get 20% off when you order CocoHydro Sport here… just use the code TwoTriJess20

TwoTri T-shirt or Tank Top

Made of super soft fabric and screen printed locally here in Nashville, you’ll want to live in this t-shirt/tank top. Wear this stylish and comfy tank/t-shirt with pride and let everyone know that you’re a triathlete! (Winner will get to choose either the t-shirt and tank top).

TwoTri Watter Bottle

Whether you’re swimming, biking, running or doing one of our awesome triathlon workouts, stay hydrated with this super rad TwoTri water bottle.

Sport Count Lap Counter

If you follow the adventures of TwoTriJess, you’ll know that this lap counter revolutionized the way I swim. I no longer get frustrated and forget how many laps I’ve swam thanks to this nifty gadget.

A Sport Count lap counter is an awesome, and affordable, way to get your swim stats, keep track of your splits and your laps during your track workouts and even time yourself during strength training workouts. So forget about having to count your laps and keep track of your splits and go ahead and fill your mind with more important things, like who you’re going to buy a lap counter for!  (You can buy them here.)

Lock Laces

LockLaces are a simple little upgrade that will make any beginner triathlete feel like a pro. You’ll save time in transition and never have to be slowed down by your shoe laces coming untied. Plus, LockLaces make your sneakers look really cook. #RockTheLock! (Winner will get a pair of red LockLaces).

A Year Subscription to Triathlete Magazine

This is the gift that keeps on giving! If you’re a beginner triathlete and you want to take your training up a notch this season, then this magazine can help. It’s full of helpful tips, useful articles, triathlon workouts and humor, we love getting this magazine every month and we know you will too!

Enter to win all this awesome stuff here:

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  Contest ends Thursday 12/18 at midnight CST. One winner will be announced on Friday 12/19. The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize and email us their shipping info. If the winner does not reply in 48 hours, we will select another winner. The winner will be selected using Rafflecopter’s random selector. Good Luck and Happy Training!! Because of shipping costs, this giveaway open to US residents only.  


Disclaimer – Thanks to Sport Count for donating the lap counter for this giveaway!  See FTC disclosure.