Triathlon Swim Gift Ideas

Triathlon Swim Gift Ideas

Triathlon Swim Gift Ideas |

1. Sport Count Lap Counter – I don’t know about you, but I loose track of my laps all the time! And during Christmastime, my mind wanders more than ever! This lap counter is a life-saver! It not only counts your laps, but it shows you your pace– your slowest, fastest and average lap times. It could also be used to keep track of how many Christmas cookies you’ve eaten. Read my review here.

2. TYR goggles – I love TYR goggles– they are comfortable, don’t leak and they have so many colors to choose from! Show some country pride (Canada and Italy shown above), support your favorite college sports team (Penn State and Michigan State shown above) or just pick a color to match your swimsuit! You can even customize them here.

3. Luchadore Swim Cap – If you can guess what movie this swim cap is designed after, you are AWESOME. It’s from Nacho Libre, one of Davey and my favorite movies. Do you ever feel like Nacho did when he prayed, “Precious Father, why have you given me this desire to wrestle [do triathlons] and then made me such a stinky warrior [or in our case, swimmer]?” Well, check out our Begin Swim Boot Camp and put on this Luchadore swim cap and give that pool and “punch to the face”! Feliz Navidad!

4. TriSwim Bath Set – Chlorine makes your already dry winter skin and hair 10x worse. Detoxify, hydrate, and nourish your body and hair with some special chlorine-out shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. These are the perfect size for gym bags and you’ll love the light citrus scent.

5. Keep Calm and Swim On Towel – This cozy towel will help remind you to stay calm while swimming.

6. Speedo Gear Bag – Carry all your triathlon swim gear to the pool in this super rad bag.

7. Waterproof iPod and Headphones – Rock out to your favorite Christmas music, or catch up on the latest Serial episode while you swim with this waterproof iPod and headphones. Time will fly faster than Santa’s Sleigh on Christmas Eve!

8. Fleece Headwarmer – Walking from the pool to your car with wet hair is pretty miserable. Keep you head and ears warm with this fleece headwarmer. The best part is that it has a slot in the back for your ponytail, so you’ll not only stay warm, but also be stylish!

9. Beanie – Sometimes just getting to the pool is the hardest part of doing swim workout, especially when it’s cold out. With this warm beanie, you now have no more excuses to skip a pool workout because of the weather.

10. Spit Spray – Foggy goggles are the worst! Keep your vision clear with this awesome product. Click here to read why we like it versus regular spit.

11. Totally Toasty Neck Warmer – The weather outside is frightful, but the warm indoor pool is delightful. Stay warm and toasty en route to the pool with this cozy and stylish neck warmer.

12. Got Chlorine T-Shirt – Show some swimmer pride with this comfy t-shirt. Perfect to throw on after a swim.

13. Water Bottle – It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re swimming. Take a refreshing sip of water or CocoHydro Sport every few laps with this water bottle.

14. The Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD + 12-Week Triathlon Swim Training Plan – Now is the perfect time to work on your triathlon swim so that you’re ready to rock once triathlon season starts. Created by world famous swim coach, Kevin Koskella, this  DVD will help you become a better swimmer in the pool and in open water.

You’ll also get the 12 Week Triathlon Swim Training Plan. This plan will help you improve your swim technique and build speed and endurance. It includes weekly workouts and you can pick what distance triathlon you want to train for.



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