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A Round-up Of Triathlon Awesomeness

Thanks to the recent snow and ice storm, I had no other option but to run my 8 miles on the treadmill on Sunday, because #icepocalypse2015 and because I don’t want to be one of hundreds of people who have come into the ER after falling on the ice because Nashville doesn’t know how to plow or salt the roads. Also, I like to stay out of the ER on my days off.
Needless to say, the ice finally melted this week and so I was thrilled to run outside on Wednesday.
A Round-up Of Triathlon Awesomeness |
While running, this guy walked past me and said, “Slow down!“. Yes, there may have been a big patch of ice up ahead, but no one has ever said those words to me. So yea. It’s been a pretty awesome week.
Here are a few other AWESOME triathlon videos and triathlon training tips:

Putting your swim cap on may not seem hard, but IT IS. I even did a video about it which you can see here. However, after seeing this video, I may never put my swim cap on the same way every again. Genius!

Anyone else have tight hips or glutes?  Check out these exercises and do them before your runs. I’m going to incorporate this into my half-marathon training starting NOW.

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Pro-triathlete, Meredith Kessler, has some awesome insight about mental toughness. Among other pearls of wisdom she says, “It’s so key for us to focus on the things that could go right and not the ones that could go wrong in our racing. ”


Here’s a new song that I’ve been listening to on repeat while I run. It’s pumps me up.


This book is next on my must-read list. She’s adorable and inspiring.

A Round-up Of Triathlon Awesomeness - The Grace To Race |

Also, this is totally not triathlon related but Davey and I discovered that Siri knows the actual names for all of the emojis! Have someone text an emoji (or 10 emojis) to you and then have Siri read you your text. It’s really funny. Our favorites include:

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Hope you have a great weekend of triathlon training!