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Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge

Yesterday, I was supposed to run 7 miles (I’m training for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon). However, #icepocalypse2015 hit us and since Nashville isn’t used to all this snow and ice, NONE of the side streets are plowed or salted which means that all of my usual running routes and running paths are covered in a solid sheet of ice.

Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge | #twotrichallenge

I value my teeth and my tailbone, so I decided against an icy run outside. Instead, Davey and I went sledding down our hill and then I did this HITT workout.

Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge | #twotrichallenge

What I learned from this workout is that I have become a weakling. After Augusta 70.3, we took some time off from training to travel. When I started working out again, I focused mainly on running. I haven’t done a strength training workout in wayyyy too long and it shows.

Instead of getting down on myself and sulking about the current status of my noodle-like muscles, I decided to use this experience as motivation.

Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge | #twotrichallenge

Conveniently, yesterday was the first day of Lent and I really like starting challenges on actual calendar holidays like New Year’s and the first day of spring. It feels celebratory and more official.

Usually people give something up for Lent, but I decided to add something. So for the next 6 weeks, I’m going to do a strength training workout every day. It might be as simple as this 5 minute triathlon toning routine or as challenging as these 16 awesome triathlon exercises, but each day, I’m going to take a small step towards becoming stronger and improving my discipline.

Care to join me?

Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge | #twotrichallenge

As always, we have some awesome strength training routines for triathletes on our workout page. But I’m looking forward to trying some of these workouts too:

5 Minute Upper Body Burner

Killer Hill + Strength Training Workout (multi-tasking!)

Lauren Fleshman’s Freaking Awesome Abs Workout

Dry-Land Swim Strength Workout

10-Minute Runner’s Strength Circuit

Craig Alexander’s Core Workout

Triathlon Toned

That’s a good start, but I need about 20+ more strength training workouts to complete my challenge!

Triathlon Workout Of The Day Challenge | #twotrichallenge

Leave a comment below and share your favorite strength training routine and follow me on Twitter for a daily update and link to my triathlon strength training workout of the day!

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  1. Beth @ Bolting Butterfly
    Beth @ Bolting Butterfly02-20-2015

    I love this idea for so many reasons! Like you, I also like to do something more during lent than give something up, I feel like it helps us to improve on ourselves by getting outside our comfort zones. I also need to work on my strength training, it always seems to get put on the back burner when I’m focused on swimming, biking, and running. I will definitely join you for this challenge!

    • Jess Anderson
      Jess Anderson02-20-2015

      Hey Beth! Thanks for your awesome comment… I’m so excited that you are joining the challenge! If you have any good strength training routines, send them my way!