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Finding Confidence in Consistency

This winter, I’ve been focusing on training for a the Rock’N’Roll 1/2 marathon. I went into these 4 months of training with the goal of not only getting faster and being able to keep up with my friends who are running it with me, but of also maintaining a positive attitude and strengthening my mental toughness.

Ah, mental toughness and running. Two things that don’t come naturally to me. In the past, when I put them together, I turned into a marathon training monster. So this time, I’m determined to be a happy and hard-working half-marathoner.

Finding Confidence in Consistency |

To help me keep track of my training and my attitude, I’ve been using this running journal. It’s AWESOME.

However, even despite my best efforts to remain positive, I noticed that I started to mentally deteriorate because I was rating my runs as either “good” or “bad”. This caused me to feel really discouraged because I was having more “bad” runs than “good” ones.


And then I read these words of wisdom on Instagram:

Words of Wisdom From Jesse Thomas' Instagram

Not only does pro-triathlete Jesse Thomas and his wife Lauren Fleshman (she wrote the journal I use) fuel my workouts with their delicious Picky Bars, but now, I’ve got fuel for my mind–and my mind is officially blown.

Confidence in consistency.

So simple and yet so profound.

Instead of relying on a string of “good” runs to give me confidence, I’ve been choosing to be consistent and add every single run to my confidence bank. I know that there will be challenging days and days when I feel like I was born to run, but regardless of what kind of day it is, I know that every run is just a building block that will make me stronger and that is bringing me one step closer to my goal.

So every time I lace up my sneakers and run when it’s 20° outside instead of sitting by the fire, every time I have to run 8 miles on a treadmill because the roads are too icy, every time I chose to run the harder and hillier route and even the times that I have to stop and walk, all of those times are improving my confidence because I’m being consistent.

Finding Confidence in Consistency |

Finding confidence in consistency. It’s radical. It’s the new black. Everyone’s doing it and you should too. It works.


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