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    Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half-Marathon Recap

    Last Saturday, my friend Lauren and I ran the Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half-Marathon. This race recap may be a little bit different than my other race reviews as it was one of the hardest races of my life… both mentally and physically. It was a …

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  • Bike Workout1

    5-Minute Triathlon Bike Workout

    You may recall what it feels like to get back on the bike at the beginning of every season. And, for me at least, it’s surprise how much it hurts! All that I remember is how long and hard I could ride last fall. Now …

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    Is Your Training Data Slowing You Down?

    Right now, I am in the thick of training for a half-marathon. Since Davey isn’t running this race, I get to borrow his Garmin for my training. I’m not always happy with the pace that the Garmin tells me I’m running at. Sometimes I think …

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