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Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half-Marathon Recap

Last Saturday, my friend Lauren and I ran the Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half-Marathon. This race recap may be a little bit different than my other race reviews as it was one of the hardest races of my life… both mentally and physically.
Rock'n'Roll Country Music Half-Marathon Recap |

It was a very challenging and hilly course and, it’s humbling to admit this, but I probably wouldn’t have finished had it not been for my awesome friend encouraging me along the way. She even grabbed my arm and pulled me up one of the hills.

If you have a friend who will pull you up a hill at mile 11, don’t ever let that friend go. EVER.

So, how do I feel after running 13.1 miles throughout Nashville on Saturday?


Well, it’s not really that bad 🙂

Yes, it was a hard race. Yes, I may resemble  the hunchback of Notre Dame when I run which is why even my ribs are sore. Yes, I may or may not have peed on myself because the line for the outhouse was too long. Yes, I may have said that I will never run another half-marathon ever again…

But I finished. I finished with the help of my friend and with our husbands cheering us on. 

Here’s what I learned from those tough 13.1 miles:

→ Although marathons and triathlons are primarily individual sports, having the support and encouragement from friends and family is what gets me to that finish line. Thanks Davey ♥

→ Comparison is the thief of joy. Example ↓Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.20.58 AM


After the race, I went online to look up my official time and I can’t tell you how bad I wished I was Jessica Anderson #1. Comparing myself and my finish time to the other Jessica, and to my friends and co-workers who also ran, has made me feel really, really sucky.

So if you struggle with comparison like I do, let’s STOP! Let’s be thankful for our healthy bodies that got us to the finish line… no matter how long it took!

→ No matter how long it takes you to finish, you have to CELEBRATE! Maybe your race didn’t go as planned, or maybe you had an off day. But there’s still plenty to be thankful for and lots to celebrate!

→ Smile for the cameras! Even if you have the worst race of your life, pick your head up and give those race photographers a big smile or a thumbs up! When you look back on your race and see your smiling face, you’ll forget how much pain you were in and maybe even trick yourself into doing another race because you’ll think, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad! Looks like I was having fun!”

Rock'n'Roll Country Music Half-Marathon Recap |

→ Having a bad race isn’t the end of the world. Learn from it and move on. It’s just a race after all.

What do you do when your race doesn’t go as planned or when you don’t beat your PR like you hoped you would?