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Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap – Part 1

While we love doing local triathlons, both Davey and I really enjoy destination races too! You get to see parts of a city that you normally wouldn’t get to see and it’s a fun way to challenge yourself on a different course.

Race weekend arrived and we used our handy checklist to pack our gear. I think it’s safe to say that I like yellow.

Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap - Part 1

Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap - Part 1

Once we were packed, we headed out to Asheville.

About 3 hours into our 4.5 hour trip, we were making great time and having a fun ride when, in sheer panic, I realized I left my purse and ID at home. Here’s a glimpse into the few emotions I felt:


Shock. Panic. Feeling like an idiot. Feeling pissed at myself. Anger. Extreme Anger. Sweating with anxiety. Tears. Waterfalls of tears. Sadness.

The reason that I was so frustrated is because our race email said this: Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 5.06.04 PM

As a strict rule follower, I figured I was doomed. We were too far into our trip to turn around and I couldn’t find a number to call to plead my case before the race director.

AHHHHHHHHHHH! Why in the world does our checklist not have “photo ID” on it?! Major FAIL.

As an ER nurse, I tend to be pretty level-headed and quick thinking in stressful situations. So after my meltdown, I went into problem solving mode. I called the venue where packed pickup was being held and was transferred to the person in charge of the recreation department. She gave me the race directors number and we called him and he actually answered his phone!

Davey pleaded my case– my voice was a bit quivery and I told Davey I’d probably cry at any moment and so he was so sweet to talk to the race director.

Guess what?

IT WORKED! The race director said that he would let me use my car registration as my ID. Thank you Lord!

So, we continued on our trip with lots of relief and happiness.

 And then we hit traffic. And we forgot that Asheville was an hour ahead of Nashville time. So the rest of the trip was a race to make it to packet pickup by 7pm.

This day was turning into an endurance event of it’s own!

I still don’t believe it, but we made it to packet pickup at 6:59pm! Hallelujah! I have NEVER been so happy, or relieved to hold a race number in my hands.

Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap - Part 1

By then, our adrenaline had worn off and we realized that we were starving, so we found a cute little hole-in-the wall Italian restaurant and carbo-loaded. Coming from a Jersey Girl who knows good pizza, if you’re ever in Asheville, I highly recommend Favillas. It was delicious!

After dinner, we headed to the grocery store to buy a banana for my pre-race breakfast and then collapsed into bed, exhausted from the day. I’ll tell you what though, I’ve never slept so good the night before a race!