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Our Traincation


Davey and I were in a bit of a triathlon slump at the beginning of the month. With our first race of the season over 2 months away, we lacked the motivation to get out there and swim, bike and run… especially in this hellacious southern heat and humidity.

But then I found this race:

2011+Enka+Tri+3cWe’ve always wanted to go to Asheville and the race just so happened to be on our 6th wedding anniversary AND on the exact day 9 years ago that I did my first triathlon! So we signed up.

And then we realized that we had only 3 weeks to train. Davey is working on a pretty awesome three-part series on how to train for a race on short notice, but until then, our strategy was to swim, bike and run as much as possible.

We already had a vacation planned the week before the race, so we packed all of our triathlon gear and turned it into a traincation.  We swam in the lake every day, we ran almost every evening and we biked up some crazy steep hills.

Our Traincation |

Our Traincation |

You know how our grandparents used to tell us that they had to walk 5 miles to school in the snow, uphill both ways? Well, that’s what these bike routes felt like. We didn’t realize this at the time, but cycling on those hills would be perfect training for the “rolling hills” (aka INSANE inclines and mountains) that we would face in the bike portion of our triathlon.

We also did a bit of paddle boarding and hiking and we swam in a “pool” at the base of waterfall. That counts as cross-trianing, right?!

Our Traincation |

Our Traincation |


Real talk: You know how when you’re cramming for a test, you can get burnt out really easily? Well, the same was true on our traincation. We had every intention of swimming, biking and running every day (or at least Davey did 😬) but by Wednesday, we had a come to Jesus meeting and agreed that we needed to tone down the training to help keep it fun instead of obligatory. We were on vacation after all.

We’re all about doing your best and training well, but also making sure that you’re still having fun, because if your training turns into drudgery and something that you dread, then why bother?

The moral of the story is that paddle boarding definitely counts as a swim workout, hehe!

Stay tuned for part 2. It’s quite a bit more dramatic and eventful…