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How To Calm Pre-Race Jitters

Whether your pre-race jitters keep you up at night or they keep you in line for the porta-potty on race day, being nervous before your first, or fiftieth, triathlon is totally normal.

However, as normal as it is to feel nervous, we all wish we felt confident and sure of ourselves on race day.  Here are a few things that help me punch my fear in the face, kick my nervousness to the curb and send those pre-race jitters back where they belong. 

1. I make a list of all of the great workouts, “Aha” moments and victories that I had during my training. It really helps me to look back and remind myself that I did train well and I am prepared to rock my race! Here’s the exact list that I made before my first half-Ironman. 


2. Don’t “should” on yourself. What I mean by that is that I don’t make a mental list of all the things I should’ve done differently to prepare for the race. I focus on what I DID do and let the rest go.


3. I imagine what it will be like to finish and how great I’ll feel. I even go as far as thinking up what I want to eat for my post-race celebration! If you’re excited to finish (and eat) that will help you throughout the race.

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4. I watch inspiring YouTube videos about triathlons. Triathlon videos inspire me and get me excited to race. They help me dwell on how awesome triathlons are and on how much fun it is to swim, bike and run. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

I also love this video of Andy Pott’s awesome swim advice.

What do you do to help with pre-race jitters?