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How We Trained For A Triathlon While On Vacation

This past week, Davey and I enjoyed 10 wonderful days in California visiting friends and family. We flew home on Friday and arrived back in Nashville at 2am on Saturday with just one day to prepare for our triathlon on Sunday.

With a race right after a trip, we had to do our best to squeeze some training into our family time. We did a few longer runs and bike rides before we left for our trip, so our goal was to maintain our fitness, stay hydrated, get in at least 1 bike ride and 1 swim and to not binge on junk food like we have a tendency to do while on vacation. 😁

We only went to In-N-Out once!


The weather in California was GLORIOUS. It was hot– it got up to 102° most days– but it was a dry heat that is much more bearable than our Nashville humidity. We knew race day would be hot, so we did a few runs in the heat of the day to help our bodies acclimate.



We got in a great open water swim while the rest of the family rented kayaks and even took Davey’s parents bikes out one morning and did a brick workout. They weren’t road bikes, but when you’re away, you have to work with what you’ve got!


We helped out with meals and thanks to our Plexus supplements, we didn’t gain any vacation lbs, craved healthy foods and did our best to eat as many bright and colorful veggies as we could!


This past Thursday, we should’ve been tapering for our triathlon, but instead, we hiked Half-Dome at Yosemite National Park. This challenging 18 mile hike took us a little over 12 hours and although it was an INCREDIBLE hike, it left us quite sore. With just 2 days to recover, we got plenty of sleep, chugged water, stretched, took our Plexus supplements and did everything we could to get ready for race day.



Do you train while on vacation? What to you do stay in shape while away?