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    “Just” A Sprint Triathlon?!

    Have you ever had a conversation that goes like this? You: “… I won’t be able to make it to ______ because that’s the day of my triathlon.” Co-worker: “You’re doing a triathlon?!” You: “Yea!” Co-worker: ”Oh, like an Ironman? That’s crazy! What are the …

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    Morning Workouts, Running Exercises, & Beginner Triathlon Tips

    Happy Friday! We’re on our way to Atlanta for the Color Me Rad 5k! With an 8am start time, Davey and I have been trying to get in more morning workouts so that race morning won’t be such a rude awakening. After some trial and …

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    How To Bounce Back After A “Bad” Workout Or An Injury

    Character cannot be developed in ease and quite. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved. -Helen Keller The day before we left for our vacation, we had an 8 mile run planned for our triathlon …

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    Triathlon Training While On Vacation

    Davey and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary with an amazing 12 day rip to Costa Rica. Despite getting our rental car stuck in the mud, driving on insanely bumpy roads for hours, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and having a raccoon steal our …

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    Our Favorite Summer Triathlon Gear

      11 things we’re loving right now:   Happy first official day of summer! Here in Nashville, it’s felt like summer for a few weeks already. That means hot temperatures, bright sun and gross icky humidity. This month also means that our triathlons are right …

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    Triathlon Core Exercises

    The core is… well, the core of swimming, biking and running. It’s the foundation from which all your triathlon movements come from. When these muscles become fatigued, you’ll quickly start to lose form and technique leading to less efficiency and even possibly injury. Having a …

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    Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Beginner Triathlete Questions

    I remember when I was training for my first triathlon. I was going at it alone and I basically had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, through a lot of trial and error, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. Looking back, …

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    6 Simple Swim Stretches

    We’ve been focusing on our swim training lately and that means we’ve been doing lots of laps and lots of open water swims. One of the first things we noticed is that every time we swim in open water, it gets easier… or at least …

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    Be A Hill Seeker

    This past week for our triathlon trianing, Davey and I ran and biked in new places. New places that had lots and lots of HILLS. Our typical run loop ends with one huge hill, but other than that, it’s relatively flat. And I never really …

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    5 Minute Triathlon Strength Training Bike Circuit

    Does an intense hill climb leave you out of breath and wanting to take a break? Do you want to have enough gas left in your tank to be able to sprint and  pass other triathletes along the bike course? Do you wish you had …

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    What To Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned In Your Triathlon Training

    On Tuesday, Davey and I had an open water swim planned for our triathlon training. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the water temperature was perfect. It was a bit windy, so the water was choppy, but that only helped us hone in on …

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    4 Things To Practice To Build Your Confidence On The Bike

    Last weekend, I did 3 things that either scare me or that I have never done before: I biked farther than ever before (30 miles), I rode in a group and didn’t crash into anyone, and I rode on a busy road without having a …

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  • Life is like swimming in open water |

    How To Mentally Prepare For An Open Water Swim

    [I’m linking up with some other awesome triathlete ladies for Tri Talk Tuesday! They all have some great triathlon swim tips, so check them out!: You signed up for what?, The Tri Girl Chronicles and The Cupcake Triathlete.] This is what the Cumberland River looked …

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