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    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Start Slow

    Beginner Swimmers: Start Super Slow With Your Sprint Triathlon Swim Training Our mission here is to avoid any hint of intimidation and to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed when you are beginning your sprint triathlon swim training. In our last 2 sessions, we talked about working …

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    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Breathing Tips

    As a beginner triathlete swimmer, I’ve had more than my share of water up my nose. So much so, now they start refilling the pool as soon as I show up for a workout. But the worst part is when all that water comes pouring …

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    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Develop Your Kick

    Getting started in the water…without panic attacks!  Here’s the secret: baby steps…. In the next few days of the Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp, you’ll take it slow, build gradual progress, and I promise that sometime very soon you’ll cross an invisible bridge and enter the land …

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    Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp – Swim Etiquette

    How To Not Look Like A Fool At The Pool Now that you have your gear ready, are mentally prepared and you’ve found a place to swim and have scheduled in your first workout, what do you do when you first get to the pool to train …

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    Zero To Hero Swim Boot Camp

    Hey guys! Today we’re super excited to introduce our Zero to Hero Swim Boot Camp! For the next 9 days, we’re gonna give you tons of great triathlon swimming tips and strategies that will help you show up on race day with confidence and rock your sprint …

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    4 Tips To Help You to Choose a Bike For Your First Triathlon

    I was sitting at Starbucks working on a post, and on my third cup of coffee when my friend had called me saying, “I need bike and I have no idea where to start.” Yes! Since I love this kind of stuff, I jumped up and drove …

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    If You Fall On Your Face…At Least You Were Headed In The Right Direction

    It doesn’t take long in the world of triathlon training to hear funny stories about people making serious goofs during racing and training. But hey, mistakes happen… Like the guy who got butt-naked in the transition area to change out of his wet clothes. Or the …

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    Refuel Right – 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts

    My friends joke that since I’m a trainer I never eat bad food, always workout, and always say no to dessert… as if I was some kind of health robot. Well, I’m human, and candy is sweet. Fries taste good. And now that I live …

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    Prevent Triathlon Training Injuries This Spring

    While you’re prepping up for this season, make sure you stay healthy with some of these tips to prevent injury as you start ramping up your training. I’m chomping at the bit to get on my bike again. Outside. Not on the trainer. After such …

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    Triathlon Lingo Decoded

    Triathletes use jargon that would have even Captain Midnight stumped. That is, unless he were to use his decoder ring with a secret department for stashed away Shot Bloks. source This is a guide that will help you navigate through the triathlon galaxy and conquer …

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    4 Ways To Better Your Resistance Band Workout In Less Time

    How to Get The Most From Your Triathlon Strength Training Workout Resistance bands are a powerful tool to help you in your triathlon training because you can mimic the same movements you do when you swim, bike and run and because you can target the …

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    Why Black Mountain Resistance Bands Rock

    As a personal trainer, I’ve come to use resistance bands quite a bit with my programs, and I really like incorporating them into triathlon strength training routines. They’re great for many reasons, because they are versatile, fun to get creative with, light weight and easy …

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    Motivation March

    I signed up for my first triathlon 7 years ago in March and ever since then, March signals  the beginning of triathlon season for me. March is a great month because we get an extra hour of light with Daylight Savings, winter is winding down (hopefully!) and …

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