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    Guest Post: What I Learned In My First Year of Biking – Part 2

    You know how some people say, “it’s just like riding a bike“? I’m not crazy about that expression because it implies that riding a bike is easy. In my option, crashing and falling off your bike is easy. But staying upright and having a good ride …

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    Guest Post: What I Learned In My First Year of Biking – Part 1

    We’re SO SO excited to have my super cool brother, Jonathan, guest posting this week! We’re still trying to convince him to do a triathlon, but I’d like to think that I was the one who inspired him to get into cycling since he rode …

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    What the Super Bowl Champs Taught Me About Triathlon Training

    Even though the Super Bowl was already several weeks ago, a post-game comment from Seattle Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson is still ringing in my ears: “Why not us?”  This quote struck me in a new and different way that got my gears turning, still grinding long …

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    Curl Up With A (Triathlon) Book

      4 Awesome Triathlon Reads It’s that time of year when the excitement of my New Year’s Resolutions have started to fade,  it feels like spring will never come and I’m lacking in the motivation I need to get in my triathlon workouts. This is …

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    Super Rad Resistance Band Giveaway!

    How to ditch the gym and cut your workout time in half! My mom just texted me this photo of my parents home in New Jersey. My brother lives in Dallas and it’s going to be 63º today. I have to work a 12 hour …

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    Full Body Band Blast Workout

    Discover the advantages of using resistance bands for triathlon strength training workouts with this full body band blast. Ok, I’ll admit it… I’m finding myself in that limbo of knowing that I should workout, but not really wanting to go to the gym. Not only …

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  • Mens Twotri Shirts

    The TwoTri Shop Is Open!

      Gear up for your triathlon season with some awesome TwoTri shirts, water bottles, our starter kit and our 12 week video training program! And we’d love to hear what triathlons you’re doing this year so leave a comment below and let us know so …

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  • Walter Mitty

    Walter Mitty Inspired Me To Do A Triathlon

    Have you seen the movie The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty yet? If so, just sit tight, this will relate to triathlon, I promise. If not, drop whatever you’re doing and go see it ASAP because it is AWWWWWESOME. Without giving the whole story away, Walter …

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    7 Tips To Help You Start Training For Your First Triathlon

    I always move forward into the new year with tons of ambition, excitement and confidence that I’m going to crush my goals and stay motivated all year long. However, come February, my ambition and motivation have dwindled and my goals seem a harder than they …

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  • Jump Into Triathlon Strength With Plyos

    How To Avoid “Jello Legs” – Plyos Strength Training (Workout, Part 2)

    Now that you know why plyometrics are so good for triathlon strength training, here’s a few of my favorite plyo exercises and how to do them. But first, here are a few really important things to keep in mind before you add a plyo workout to …

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    Monday Motivation

    Well, my birthday weekend has come and gone and it’s no surprise that I’m having a hard time finding motivation to get back into the swing of things. Here are a few things that are helping me get motivated today: 1. This pin:2. Finalizing our …

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  • Jesss Bday Giveaway

    Jess’s 30th Birthday Giveaway!

    Tomorrow is a BIG DAY for me. Not only do I turn 30, but I also enter the 30-34 age group for the upcoming triathlon season! At first, I wasn’t too thrilled to turn 30, but then I came to my senses and remembered that …

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    How To Avoid “Jello Legs” – Plyos Part 1

    Faster speed, better power, more sustained watts (aka, improved endurance), increased efficiency and no more jello legs…don’t all these things sound like things that would help you rock your next triathlon? Did you know you could get all this while actually spending less time training? …

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