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    Music City Sprint Triathlon 2016 Recap!

    Things have been a little quiet in TwoTri land lately. Check out our most recent race recap to find out why!

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    Giveaway – Energize your Workouts–and Life– With Plexus Slim!

    Problem: I gained 15 lbs, my energy went to zero and I was eating like I was training for an Ironman minus all of the training. After our half-ironman last September, I fell off the workout wagon. Davey and I had just spend 2-5 hours a day …

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    Music City Sprint Triathlon Recap – 2015 – Jess’s Version

    5:30 am – Alarm goes off. Press snooze. 5:38 am – Alarm goes off again. Get up. Get dressed. Legs are still super sore from half-dome. 5:45 am – Apply race number tattoos. Go over race day checklist again. Fill water bottles. 6:02 am – …

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    How We Trained For A Triathlon While On Vacation

    This past week, Davey and I enjoyed 10 wonderful days in California visiting friends and family. We flew home on Friday and arrived back in Nashville at 2am on Saturday with just one day to prepare for our triathlon on Sunday. With a race right after a …

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    Happy Triathletes are Hydrated

    I used to have a really bad habit. This habit left me sluggish, irritable, bloated and thirsty. It made my skin look dull, gave me headaches and brain fog and dry mouth. My habit was… Gasp! Not drinking enough water. Now, maybe you’re thinking I …

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    Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap – Part 2

    We woke up to a foggy morning and rolled out of bed while it was still dark out. We were both pretty surprised by how fast we fell asleep and by how great we slept. Happy Anniversary to us! (We did this race on our …

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    Enka-Biltmore Lake Sprint Triathlon Recap – Part 1

    While we love doing local triathlons, both Davey and I really enjoy destination races too! You get to see parts of a city that you normally wouldn’t get to see and it’s a fun way to challenge yourself on a different course. Race weekend arrived …

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    Our Traincation

      Davey and I were in a bit of a triathlon slump at the beginning of the month. With our first race of the season over 2 months away, we lacked the motivation to get out there and swim, bike and run… especially in this …

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    How To Calm Pre-Race Jitters

    Whether your pre-race jitters keep you up at night or they keep you in line for the porta-potty on race day, being nervous before your first, or fiftieth, triathlon is totally normal. However, as normal as it is to feel nervous, we all wish we felt confident and …

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    Increase Your Confidence As A New Runner

    I remember when I ran my first 5k race like it was yesterday. I was a senior in college and it was a Valentine’s Day run. Having recently broken up with my college boyfriend, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I …

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    Triathlon Training Tips for Nurses

    Happy Nurses Week! For nurses, a long 3-day stretch of back-to-back 12-hour shifts is like an endurance event in and of itself. And if you had to do CPR during yesterday’s shift, that means you’re coming to work sore in places you didn’t even know could get …

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    Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half-Marathon Recap

    Last Saturday, my friend Lauren and I ran the Rock’n’Roll Country Music Half-Marathon. This race recap may be a little bit different than my other race reviews as it was one of the hardest races of my life… both mentally and physically. It was a …

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    Is Your Training Data Slowing You Down?

    Right now, I am in the thick of training for a half-marathon. Since Davey isn’t running this race, I get to borrow his Garmin for my training. I’m not always happy with the pace that the Garmin tells me I’m running at. Sometimes I think …

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