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    Believe In Yourself

    Our challenge for you this week is to take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary and replace it with the word “try” (or “tri”!) It’s amazing what a little bit of positive thinking and personal affirmation can do. You can do anything! But maybe …

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    Do This Triathlon Workout When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

    Sometimes I don’t feel like working out. I mean, I know that our triathlons won’t train for themselves, so I make sure that I follow our triathlon training plan and get my workouts in, but saying that I wake up super excited to swim, bike, …

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    Wanna Do A Triathlon, But Scared To Death Of The Swim?

    Don’t let your fear of the swim stop you from doing a triathlon! Out of all of the people who want to do a triathlon, 90% will never do one because they’re afraid of the swim. Davey and I will be the first to say, …

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    Train Like An Ant

    How Training Like An Ant Can Help You Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed When Training For A Triathlon So you want to do a triathlon, huh? We think that’s AWESOME! However, you may have some different thoughts running through your mind. “Where the heck to I even start?”, …

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    Transition Areas Make Me Feel Like I’m In Middle School

    Let’s be honest, sometimes the sport of triathlon can be pretty intimidating. Despite having a bunch of triathlons under my belt, walking into the transition area on race day makes me feel like I’m in Middle School all over again. And for the record, I …

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    The One Thing You Should NEVER Do During A Triathlon

    source For 7 things you should do before your triathlon, click here.  

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    Rock The Lock – Lock Laces GIVEAWAY!

    Remember the childhood rhyme that taught you to count to 10? 1, 2, buckle my shoe,3, 4, shut the door,5, 6, pick up sticks,7, 8, close the gate,9, 10, do it again.  Well, I know how you can save time and totally skip 1 and …

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    Daylight Savings Doesn’t Last All Year

    When I was younger, I thought that Daylight Savings lasted all year. When we turned the clocks back in the fall and got an extra hour of sleep, I thought that we got an extra hour of sleep every night until we had to spring ahead… …

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    Will You Be Available To Sweat Tomorrow?

    Last Sunday, Davey and I were deciding whether we wanted enjoy the warm weather and go for a run or go grill the skirt steak we had been marinating all day and make some tacos. Tacos > Workout. Duh. But I digress. The tacos weren’t …

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    “I Can’t Hear You”…

    source I have some bad news for you. When you sign up for your first triathlon and tell your friends and family all about your race, not everyone will think it’s awesome. Case in point: On March 4, 2007, I brought home the registration form for …

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