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    Training For a Triathlon Race on Short Notice – Part 3

    Truth be told, I made some mistakes in my Asheville triathlon race, and we’ll get to those juicy details right after I briefly recap the last two posts. So far I’ve covered building a base so you have the overall endurance to perform in the three …

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    Training For a Triathlon Race on Short Notice – Part 1

    Almost exactly three weeks ago, Jess called out to me from across the living room and said, “Hey, do you want to do a triathlon on our anniversary!?” My initial reaction was, “Well, I haven’t been training.” Jess: “It’s a sprint triathlon with a 750 …

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    Have You Sprinted Lately? It Ain’t Easy.

    Sprint workouts are tough, we all know that. Sure, they’re not usually as long as other workouts, but you’re red-lining the whole time. Heart pounding, heavy breathing, maxing it out — to the point of dizziness, for sure — and maybe a bit of puking …

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    Increase Your Confidence As A New Runner

    I remember when I ran my first 5k race like it was yesterday. I was a senior in college and it was a Valentine’s Day run. Having recently broken up with my college boyfriend, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I …

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    Triathlon Training Tips for Nurses

    Happy Nurses Week! For nurses, a long 3-day stretch of back-to-back 12-hour shifts is like an endurance event in and of itself. And if you had to do CPR during yesterday’s shift, that means you’re coming to work sore in places you didn’t even know could get …

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  • 6 Essentials You Need To Do Your First Triathlon

    The Bare Minimum – 6 Essentials You Need To Do Your First Triahtlon

    March always has a special place in my heart because eight (OMG, e-i-g-h-t!) years ago in March, I decided to do my first triathlon. I wasn’t really sure what a triathlon even was, but I desperately needed a new challenge and an inspiring workout goal, so …

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    Finding Confidence in Consistency

    This winter, I’ve been focusing on training for a the Rock’N’Roll 1/2 marathon. I went into these 4 months of training with the goal of not only getting faster and being able to keep up with my friends who are running it with me, but …

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    Making The Jump From A Sprint To An Olympic Triathlon – Laura’s Story

    Have you done your first Sprint triathlon and are now ready to tackle an Olympic distance? Maybe you want to a new challenge, or your friend convinced you to train for a longer distnace. Maybe you want to do it as a celebration for a milestone birthday, …

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    What I Learned From My First Triathlon – Catherine’s Story

    Davey and I talk a lot about how to overcome your fears of the swim and how to train for a triathlon despite not having any experience in the pool because, for the majority of people, the swim is the toughest part of a triathlon. …

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    What I Learned From My First Triathlon – Pete’s Story

    Do you want to do a triathlon, but wish you didn’t have to swim? Then you’ll totally relate to Pete’s beginner triathlete story. When you first start training for a triathlon, you’ll quickly find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. For me and Pete, it’s the swim. For Jess, …

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    What I Learned From My First Triathlon – Chris’s Story

    Once you have your first triathlon under your belt, it’s easy to forget what it was like to be a beginner. The sport of triathlon can be pretty intimidating and there’s not a ton of encouraging, basic and helpful information out there for beginner triathletes. I think …

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    We Want To Hear YOUR Story

    First of all, you guys rock! You guys are taking yourselves on, training hard, overcoming challenges and completing triathlons left and right! In our last newsletter, we shared a bit of Sarah’s triathlon story. Wasn’t it awesome? Both Davey and I felt so inspired and …

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    Our #1 Triathlon Swim Tip

    Our Top Best Tips For Beginner Triathletes in each Sport Jess and I are often asked “What’s your best triathlon tip?”. That’s a hard question to answer, because there tons of tips, in fact, you can download our 101 Awesome Beginner Triathlon Tips for free. But …

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